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Jose's pov

We watched our guys walking up to her and she beats them up then just walked away. I seriously need to know who she is!
We drove home and started talking to some of my contact than maybe know who she is.
we have been talking to a lot of people and after 3 hours I found someone that maybe knows her  his name is Alex and he was in a gang in Sweden but he's in jail so I decided to call him

"Hey my name is Jose but also know as frimzy"

"Ohh what's up"

"I don't know if you know who I am but I'm the leader of LA angels gang"

"Ofc I know who you are"

"Okey I have one question for you"

"Okey what's up?"

"I have heard that you have known a girl named Sandra H and I think you to was in the same gang in Sweden"

"Yeah I know who she is, what about her?"

"I met her not long ago and I'm interested in her because she took down 4 of my members in sec"

"Ohh I'm going to warn you about her she may look hot and all that but don't fuck thighs up with her she will destroy ur life and I'm not just saying that I have been there"

"What do you mean?"

"Okey so 2 years ago I was her boyfriend but I fuck up so she fuck up my hole life! Because I cheated on her and she got me in jail I have 7 years left"

"Damn I'm sorry man but how did she do that?"

"She got contacts ever were, so she got me in jail for something I didn't do! And after her hole family got murdered she started training so she could defend herself."

"Ohh damn bro, but how do I get in contact with her?"

"It's not that easy she must want to make contact with you and do not just walk up to her house because of her dogs and she knows every single step you take like she will probably know that you and I have been talking. Ohh I'm sorry but I have to go my time is out"

"Okey thanks for the help and I hope you get out soon!"

" thanks bro bye"


Okey that was interesting there was more about her then what I thought and that is probably not all.


"Yeah what's up"

"I talked to someone how knew Sandra and she is not who I thought she was! She has been involved in gangs her hole life"

"Really, that's why she knew what was going on when our boys followed her"

"Yeah and someone killed her family and the boy I was talking about to me to be careful because she fuck up his life his in jail for something he didn't even do"

"What damn bro"

"But I still want to know more about her and start talking to her but she is actually very hard to come in contact with so I'm going to think about that one"

"Seriously, what if you fuck up and the she makes you go to jail for something that you didn't even do? Come on Jose we can't risk that! We need to keep doing what we do make more money!"

"I don't fucking care Franky! There is something special about her, and if I get her on our side she probably have many contacts that can help us make more money!"

"I don't know Jose"

"Franky remember than in the leader and I do what I want so just shut the fuck up"

"Okey but if it doesn't work don't come back to me asking for help"

I walked to my room and took one joint put on some music just to calm myself down I hate when Franky does this because I know that he is right but I can't just let it be she is so gorgeous and bad ass just as I like it but the moment when she looked right into my eyes I could tell that there is something special about her. She has a story that she hasn't told anyone and I want to be the one who gets to hear it I know that there is something about that girl that nobody knows. Fuck I juste want to see her again she is all I can think about and this have never happened before because I just hooks up with girls then levels them but she got me feeling some type of way...

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