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I woke up at 10 I took a shower  and walked downstairs

"Olivia" i shouted

"Yeah I'm outside"

"Okey I'm coming" I walked to kitchen and to two redbull and walked out to Olivia. She was tanning so I decided to do that too. Our dogs were playing

Jose/frimzy's pov

"Jose hello Jose" Franky shouted at me

"Ohh sorry man, what's up"

"Here you go" he said while giving me a joint

"Thank you bro"  we just sit there listening to music and smoking and I started thinking and what happens on the party yesterday than girl I want to know who she is because I have never seen her here before. She obviously didn't know who I was because no one has ever pushed against a wall in like so long but there is something special about her.

"Franky we need to find that girl from the party yesterday"

"Okey so let's just send out 4 people and they will pick her up and bring her here"

"No I want to see her in action, there is something special about her"

"What? Something special about her? She pushed you in a wall"

" Ik but there something special the way she looked me in the eyes, she was not scared at all
And I need to talk to her again"

" okey then let's go bro"

We jumped in our car and to 4 of our members
Jack, Max, Derek and Dylan. we drove off and stop from across the street from her home we waited until someone to come out

*40 minutes later*

Sandra walks out with her dog we said to the guys to go.

Sandra's pov

I took my dog and decided to take a walk.
I walked out and put on some music and started walking when I was on my way home it felt like someone was following me I turn my head a little bit I pretended that I was looking at my dog I could see two people walking not that far away from me I decided to stop and take a cigarette I stopped and my dog sit down next to me. Then I could se that it was two boys and on my left their way two other boys let's see what going to happen.

The boys stop right in front of me

"Do you need any help" I asked

"No" one of the boys walk really close to me and then my dog started growing

"Okey then I'm ask you politely to back off before someone gets hurt"

"Ohh is that a threat?" The guy looked at his friends and laughed. He took another step forward and that was it I took his arm and I was 5 cm from breaking it,

"Okey if you move I'm going to break ur arm"

"Please let me go" 
I let him go and pushed him away

"Does anyone else wanna go?" I asked

The all of the guys runs thought me and I took two guys and crashes there heads together, I kicked the other guy in there balls while my dog bites down on one of the boys leg because he was trying to get up.

"See what did I say! And btw you can say hi from me to ur leader because I know that he sent you guys" I started walking and got home

"Olivia I'm home"

"Finally where have you been?"

"Just some guys trying to attack me"

"WHAT" she looked at me

"Yes but it okay, I think you know that gang leader sent them"

" see what did I tell you omg"

"Calm down it okay, and you know that I will be fine because i know everything about gangs so we will be fine I promise"

"Okey okey just go to bed goodnight"


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