Chapter 6 √

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Chapter 6

"SKYLER GET UP" My annoying agent Alyssa yalled with her rich snobby voice. Yuk It's to early for the shit....

"Fine bitch much?" She gave me a disgusted face as the words came out of my mouth, women please with that shitty attitude I don't know how you've been in the industry this long.

" You know I can walk out on you Mill right" I stuck out my tongue at her like a little kid. Though I have to admit it was childish but fun. I nod my head at her, she always says that and really she can't fire me she works for me. She rolled her eyes at me then pretended to have done nothing and continued walking away.

"Hey princess how are you? I heard a lot of nosie last night" My dad says as his head popped in front of my white double doors.

" Yes daddy, Hey dad why is Seth car in the parking-lot" I ask as I look out my balcony to see his car parked right outside.

" Um his car is there until the drive way in his house is fully done" he said calmly."Oh sweetie Brandi called she said she was going to be at the photo shoot today" He still calmly as if trying to change the subject, I was suspicious but when I remember Brandi it made me want to jump. She is my best-friend after Josh of course.

Brandi is a Victoria's Secret model like me but she's the only one that doesn't hate me she is 18 , two mounts older then me about to turn 19. Brandi lives in France and she happen to know my whole secret from racing to who I really am. She the fourth youngest of all the models and is really well know in the modeling industry being part of both NYC fashion week.


First comes me then Ace, Cindy then Brandi , Holly ,Hope ,Fran , Aster , Coney, Tammy, oh and the stupid birch Amanda she comes before Cindy and after me. Mandy hate's me because every time she take a photo they always say " Do it like Millie" or "you have to be more better like Millie" I mean I get it that's mess up. But theres no excuse to treating me like a slave dog.

She hates me and treats me like crap. She snuck in my house and trash my room two years ago and she dump coffee on my yellow gown I got two year for the charity event.

She makes me angry all the time and all I do is stand up for my self.

I rub my neck since I had this itchy feeling on it.

"Honey what's that on your neck?"

"Oh Mille look what you did now we need to spend an hour covering that up." Alyssa said and ran up to me and grab my neck.

"Get off me bitch" I shriek and push her away from me.

"Alyssa your fired" My dad said pushing her out the door.

"Why?!!what did I do?!" she said as she was three inches out the door. My dad close the door and grin.

"I'll tell your mother I fired her"he said and chuckled . Mom hired that bitch of a slut. Mother is in New York with Edward and Maya or Merry ( Seth parents). She always hired me a agent since most of them quit.

"Ok daddy I have to get ready and I have to ask you something." he nodded and look frighten.

"What is it sweetie?"

"Well remember when mom told me I can't go to morocco last year? well I want to go to see her his summer  ?"I said and grin.

" Oh princess that so sweet " He said and hugged the life out of me.

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