Chapter 2

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Rod's Temptation; Two

"The fuck she at?" Rod screamed through the phone. Payton wouldn't say shit, she continued to tell him Mariah didn't want to see him.

"She don't want you, Rod!" Payton shouted in frustration.

"Bitch, you the one that's telling her lies! Payton, where the hell is she?!" Rod shouted.

He never like Payton from the start, she judged him before she even knew him. She seemed fake to him, she was always telling Mariah shit to make her mad at him.

Rod wasn't the type to call a female anything other than her name but he was tired of Payton.

It had been a two weeks since she left and when he thought she was just cooling off, he was wrong. He couldn't sleep, or even eat knowing she was somewhere without him. He hadn't talked to nobody but Mariah's mom and Payton for the the past two weeks, trying to get something out of them.

"Don't call me no bitch, nigga! This why she left yo ass!" Payton shouted before the line went dead.

Rod through the phone against the wall before he fell on the bed, putting his arm over his eyes.

He relaxed, taking deep breaths before he picked up his car keys.


"So you cheated on her, that's why she left?" Gina asked.

"I don't know, her friend told her some shit about me having sex with her cousin." Rod said as his mother comforted him.

"Did you?"

"I did, but I didn't lastnight." He sighed, "I admit I have had sex with Juicy but it's nothing more than sex. She threatened to tell Mariah."

"You want me to tell you the truth?" She said as Rod nodded, "Raheim, I'm disappointed in you. The girl has always been there for you, she loves y-"

"...and I love her too!" Rod cut in.

"-she doesn't deserve what you put her through. I think she deserves better, she shouldn't have to know her man is out giving her love to another woman! I don't know why Mariah continued to be with you, but it proves she loved you very much."

"I love her the same." Rod said.

"You can't if you constantly cheat on her." Rod sighed.

"So how I'm suppose to get her back?" He asked.


"Ma, just tell me if you see her." Rod sighed before he stood and walked out the door.


Rod banged on Payton's door as he waited for her to answer. The door was swung open before he could knock again.

"The fuck you doing banging on my door like dat, Rod!?" Payton shouted before Rod pushed past her.

He sighed in relief when he saw Mariah on the carpet floor playing with Payton's two-year-old but she wasn't happy to see him.

"What you doin' here?" She asked as she looked up at Rod.

"It's time to come home, Ri. Stop playing these games with me." Rod said as he sat on the couch across from her.

"You needa get out my house!" Payton shouted as she picked up her daughter and walked her into the back room.

"When you comin' home?" Rod asked ignoring Payton.

"I'm not coming home, Rod." Mariah sighed as she stood from the floor and took a seat on the couch as Payton walked back in the room.

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