Chapter 1 ~ I'm driving!

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“Miss. Witwicky!” I jumped a little as I looked up from my arms at the teacher. He looked disapprovingly at me.  “I hope if your brother comes to the front you will stay awake.” He said.

“Don’t get your hopes up mister Tanner.” I said, however I was going to pay attention to my brother. He rolled his eyes at me but didn’t respond.

“Okay, Mr. Witwicky you’re up.” Tanner said as my brother stood up and took his backpack to the front. When I saw the stuff he brought I sighed and lay a hand over my eyes.

“Sorry I got a lot of stuff.” He put his backpack down and suddenly got hit by a flying paper. I perked up at that and looked around the room, my eyes landing on Trent. He met my eyes and he grinned and winked. I flipped him off.

“Who did... Who did that? People! Responsibility.” I rolled my eyes at Tanner. He doesn’t look that threatening. I could beat him up with my pinkie.

“Okay.” Sam asked. He turned to the front and some started laughing. Note 1 to self: kick those bitches asses.

“So, for my family genealogy report, I decided to do it on my and Faye’s great-great-grandfather, who was a famous man, Captain Archibald Witwicky. Very famous explorer.” He reached out to take a paper with a map on it. “In fact, he was one of the first to explore the Arctic Circle, which is a big deal.” Soon my imagination took over as I tried to imagine how it would have been for Archibald.

“In 1897, he took 41 brave sailors straight into the Arctic Shelf.” I imagine it must have been cold there, obviously, and you are exploring there for so long with only 41 companions and maybe some dogs and your ship is stuck in the ice.

“So that's the story, right?” I snapped out of it and looked at Sam who was putting the map away. I’m surprised he didn’t try to sell something yet.

“And here we have some of the basic instruments and tools. Used by 19th-century seamen.” People started laughing while I just shook my head. I have a lot of kick ass to do apparently. Tanner held up a stop sign with quiet on it. Like that would help.

“This here is the quadrant, which you can get for 80 bucks. It's all for sale, by the way.” Sam said and I sighed. I thought too soon. We are never getting a car.

“Like the sextant here. $50 for this, which is a bargain.” My head snapped back at him.

“Sam!” I harshly whispered but he ignored me. People around started laughing again.

“These are pretty cool.” He help up some glasses. “These are my grandfather's glasses. I haven't quite gotten them appraised yet, but they've seen many cool things.”

“Are you going to sell me his liver?” If he could? I guess he freaking would. “Mr. Witwicky, this isn't show and sell. It's the 11th grade. I don't think your grandfather would be particularly proud of what you're doing.” I never thought I would say this but good job Mr. Tanner!

“I know. I'm sorry. I just, you know, this is all going towards my-“

“Our.” I said loudly but was ignored again.

“car fund. You can tell your folks. It's on eBay. I take PayPal. Cold hard cash works, too. And the compass makes a great gift for Columbus Day.”

“Sam!” I yelled. Does he really think this is going to help?

"Sorry. Unfortunately, our great-great-grandfather, the genius that he was, wound up going blind and crazy in a psycho ward, drawing these strange symbols and babbling on about some giant ice man that he thought he'd discovered.” The bell rang and everyone stood up including me. I glanced at Sam who gave me an apologetic smile. My answer? I flipped him off. I ran out the school and jumped my dad’s car.

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