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(Chapter 1)

"Turn it off, Kat." Hunter muttered from where he sat next to me in the car. I clutched my ipod tightly, and then scooted further away from him.

"No. Music lightens the journey." I shrugged, and then turned the P!nk song up a lot louder. Hunter reached over, grabbed my purple ipod from my hands, and held it close to the open window.

My eyes widened as he simply dropped the device and it cracked off the road. In 3 seconds, we were miles away from it.

"Mom! Hunter just threw my ipod out the window!"

Mom turned back to us from the passenger seat with wide eyes. She pointed a stern finger at Hunter and glared at his bored expression.

"What did you do that for?!"

Hunter shrugged. "She was annoying me."

"When we get to Cyprus you are finding a job, and you're going to work obsessivley until you can pay for another one." Chris, my Step Dad growled at his adoptive son.

Hunter just shrugged again, and slumped back in his seat. It was like he didn't even care...but then again, he didn't.

Hunter was a 16 year old delinquent. When he was 13 years old, his abusive and alcaholic Dad fell into an urge of suicide and then attempted to kill his Mom. Hunter's Mom died with a gun shot to the head right in front of Hunter's eyes. Then, his Dad brought the gun to Hunter but just as he was about to shoot, Police arrived through the door. His Dad moved then gun away from Hunter, and shot himself in the head.

Hunter, as of witnessing the psycotic actions of his Father, fell into a state of depression. I mean, he was beaten and raped for 13 years. Over the years, he eventually became a "delinquent."

Only a few months after the death of his parents, Hunter was adopted by my step dad, Chris. And only a year after that when Hunter was 14, Chris married my Mom. Now, Hunter was my kind of adoptive brother.

Looking at Hunter, you wouldn't think of him as a jerk. He was actually, really good looking. His black hair hung down messily in bangs which covered his icy green eyes. He had a very pale complexion, was averagely tall at 5 foot 8, and had perfect arm muscles. On his bottom lip, he had a lip ring which he always fiddled around with; and his clothes normally caused him to be labelled "emo" or "scene."

I didn't hate Hunter. I just strongly disliked him...there's a difference. Sometimes he just insulted me for no apparent reason, and would always shove me when walking past. We got into arguments...a lot. It normally consisted of pushing, shoving, kicking, screaming, crying...well, the crying was from me. Some of the things that Hunter said were just too hard to deal with.

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