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The Invincibles Book 1: It's only the beginning ...

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Hi guys !! Well this is my second story !! I hope you enjoy !!


Isaiah Yearwood: Precognition…

Sara Hendrickson: Healer…

“Tomorrow night, this rich family’s hosting some kinda Thanksgiving party, and they want the place to be security-filled. For the past five months, someone’s been sending death threats on the son’s inbox. So their want us to guard the place for the whole night.” My friend, Sara explained, as she bit into her donut and leaned on the counter in my kitchen. Ever since my parents died, I had to bring up myself, even though I can’t remember how I spent the whole of my childhood.

“You got any clue on why they keep getting death threats? You might never know if the son got involved in anything. Did they do any questioning?”

“Well, they called police to see if they could trace where the messages are coming from, but they couldn’t get a lead to that. And I think they’re a little to stupid to actually ask the son if he got involved in anything.” Sara threw the wrapping successfully in the bin behind her. I always had a crush on Sara. I loved how her crimson red hair cascaded down her long neck, how her smile lit up a whole room, and how her touch felt.

“Well, when  we get there tomorrow, we’ll see what’s up.” I got up from the couch and walked over to Sara and sat next to her.

“I got to see the uniforms we’re gonna wear. They’re super sexy. The girls get to wear a black mini skirt, black knee-high boots, a black vest and a black blazer thingy and the guys get to wear black jeans, a black muscle vest and a pair of converse. I just can’t wait.” She did a little happy dance and hugged me. All the while, I visualized Sara in a mini skirt. Call me a psycho, but I liked it. Just then, the phone rang and Sara answered it before me.

“Hello?” The voice on the other end was obscured, so I strained to hear. All of a sudden, Sara’s expression changed from happy to freaked out. She hung up the phone and looked at me.

“What happened?” I asked, as I held onto her shoulder.

“Someone said that if we go to the Thanksgiving party, both of us would die.”

I laid out my uniform on my bed and looked at it for a long while. My mind reminisced on the call that Sara got yesterday. We were both freaked out, but the call just made me want to go more. It took some serious convincing to make her come along with me. I told her that I would protect her no matter what, even if it meant losing my own life. She cried for a long time on the phone and said that she was coming. I put on my uniform and drove over to her house. The weather was awful today, it looked like it might have a thunderstorm. I parked in her driveway and walked to the door. I knocked the door and waited. Her house was totally unlike mine. Hers was huge. It was like a three storey house, with that kinda modern look. It was blue and white, and was lovely. She opened the door and I was amazed. She looked hot. Like Beyonce hot.  Her hair flowed down her back and she wore the charm bracelet I gave her for Christmas last year. Her mini skirt gripped her waist perfectly, the vest, well that was a story by itself and the boots gave her that Angelina Jolie look. She had everything: from her beautiful long hair to her slender long legs.

“Hey. Come in.” I walked in and dropped the bag I was carrying on the loveseat. Her kitten Moonshine ran to my feet and licked my shoes. I lifted her up and gave her a kiss on the nose.

“Where’s the equipment?” Sara asked, as she put on her blazer. I gently put Moonshine down and opened my bag. There laid numerous tech equipment so we could communicate with each other from afar and so that we can hear other people’s conversations. After testing them, we headed out. While we were loading the guns and stuff (yes we had to use guns to kill the “bad guys”), Sara took my hand. I was startled at first but then I relaxed. She stepped closer to me and said,

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