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Pen Your Pride

Chapter: 3

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Mitch's POV

"Hey biggums, you uh you want to spend the night tonight?" He shifted uneasily in his chair, "we could watch a movie or something. and i have some left over pumpkin pie we can eat."

"Sure dood i would love too" I tried to hide my happiness but I'm sure he noticed.

Adam and Ty just left. They had some business to attend to and didn't want to be late. (they actually just wanted to leave the two lovebirds alone for a few hours :3). They were acting a bit strange but i guess its nothing. Right now me and Jerome are playing basketball out back and he is kicking my ass. He smiled and scored a three pointer. "Damn dood your too good at this game, i suck" I squinted into the sun and he just smiled.

We soon finished (he won) and we went inside to eat. He got us buckets of milk and pumpkin pie. When we sat down to eat i noticed he kept looking at me when he thought i wasn't looking. I guess I was doing the same thing earlier so I cant really blame the guy. 

"Mitch." He disrupted the silence and looked up at me. I love when he says my name, its so cute.... I think I really am falling for him. "um, Mitch?" 

"wha? oh sorry i was just thinking." I blushed

"Thinking about what?"

"um, you." I blushed some more. He smiled and picked up our scraped clean dishes. Still being silent, he walked into his living room and put in a movie. I followed close behind him still worried about what he is going to say.

"Come on biggums, lets watch a movie together." He patted the cushion beside him and i plopped down. I could smell his bacca scent and it overwhelmed me. Oh how i love that smell. 

Jerome's POV

I snuggled closer to him as the movie started. I wasn't really paying attention to the film I was just thinking about Mitch. His eyes are amazing and I couldn't stop staring when we were eating the pie.

At first he tensed when i snuggled up to him but then he cuddled closer. I smiled. I turned and faced him, tears almost in my eyes. When he noticed me looking he looked at me, our faces were centimeters apart. At this point a tear fell down my cheek. He reached up and brushed away the tear. Nervously, I kissed his forehead. And without thinking I forcibly crashed my lips into his. He was startled by my actions and i thought he was going to pull away. 

Mitch's POV

Jerome was kissing me, full on, on the lips. I was shaking like a Chihuahua and was nervous as hell. The forceful kiss soon turned into sweet bliss and he put his hand on the back of my neck. His touch felt like heaven.

I scooted closer  until we were practically on top of each other. Neither of us realized the movie was still playing, and francly we didnt care. 

His soft lips felt like a much needed relief to me. And we were so close together now his nose was crashing into my face and our hair mixed.

It was absolutly beautiful but it had to end.

He pulled away first, tears running down his cheeks. I gave him a great big bear hug and he rested his head on my shoulders. "Why are you crying? Is something wrong?" I get nervous easily.

"No, its just, I love you so much. You are so beautiful and i could stare at you all day Mitch. I love you so so much." He hugged my tighter. Now I was crying, warm tears fell down my face. 

I leaned toward him, opened my mouth and whispered,

"I love you too."



thank you for reading this i hope you enjoyed. Im sorry its only three chapters but I am going to write another one about their trip to vegas. :D 

Also, tell me what you think. Good and bad opinions I just want other peoples input.

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