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"Neighbors?!" I couldn't hide my shock.

We haven't had neighbors in my neighborhood for years. Well, new neighbors, we haven't had new neighbors in years. So when my mother told me the news, I was shocked.

I live in Virginia, in a nice small, very small, neighborhood, with my mother, and my little brother (who is a pain).

We're not hidden in the woods or anything. No, the neighborhood isn't a wreck and has trash everywhere. It just always gets looked over when new families want to find a house. They always drive by to the next neighborhood where theres huge houses and a big park for the children. But my mother didn't have all the money to go there so we stuck with our two story coral-color house with chipped paint and weeds all over.

"Yes!" My mother replied, breaking me out my thoughts.

"Do you think theres a boy there my age? Its so boring around here!" My little brother, Christopher (Chris) asked. He's 13 and can be really annoying.

"I haven't met them yet...but we will soon." She smiled.

All I could think was, I had to record this in my journal.

I don't know how I feel about new neighbors. The last neighbors, from what I learned from my mother, died.
There was a fire and the house burned down, and the whole family sadly died. It took a while to build another house but it was made and has been empty from last year since... now I guess.

I sat my pencil down and looked out the window and saw that my window was right across from another window. Then, as I looked closer I saw posters of bands and... Is that a half naked girl on one?!

Well now I know that a boy will be living across from me. Great. Now I have to have my curtain closed all the time-which I hate. Sometimes when I looked out it I see pretty red birds flying by, but now all I see are pictures of naked girls and scream-o bands.

"Dinners ready Caitlin, we're having your favorite." My mother smiled and then she left.

I look one the window one more time and then headed down for dinner.

As I got down I smelled the beautiful smell of a casserole pasta. Chicken alfredo, to be more exact.

I sat down in front my plate and dive right into eating.

"This is delicious." I say with a mouth full of food.

"Thank you." My mother said. "I have enough for you to bring to the next door neighbors if you don't mind?" She asked me sweetly.

"Can I go after I finish my food?" I groaned.

"I don't want it to get cold." She said.


My mother gave me that glare and I knew she wasn't joking around.

"Theyre just stupid new neighbors what's the deal?" I muttered to the dish of casserole.

"What?" My mom asked with a tone that I knew wasn't good.

"Nothing mother." I smiled fakely as I walked out the door.

I got to the door and quickly rung the doorbell. My hands were burning from the hot dish of food.

A women with jeans and a plain white top answered and she smiled wide. She had a box in her hand. I guess they haven't finished packing.

"Hi! Who are you?" She asked.

"Im Cait. I live next door. My mother made some casserole that I think you and your family would love. Its just a house warming gift I guess." I smiled.

"Thank you very much!" She smiled. Then she looked awkwardly at the box and the dish.

"You don't mind coming in and setting the food on the table? I have this box I need to finish unpacking." She showed a small smile.

"No problem." I said and followed her to the kitchen.

I looked around their house and most of their decor was up. There were lamps and a chandelier in the kitchen. It was beautiful.

"Just set it on the table and then you can be out. Thank you." She smiled and said her goodbye as I set it down.

I walked out the kitchen and then stumbled into something...or someone...?

"Oh!" I said as I tumbled backwards.

The person I walked into didn't bother to help me up.

He looked like he was my age. He had very good looks. I couldn't help but notice.

"Who are you?" He asked. I couldn't find a hint of friendliness in his deep voice. His eyes glared down at me, and that's when I noticed I was still in on the floor, in his house. I quickly got up, my cheeks getting red.

"Um- I- I- was just leaving. Sorry." I said and hurried past him.

I don't know what it was but something about him intimidated me. He had dark eyes and a mean snarl on his plump pink lips. He was wearing all black but looked very good in it. He was gorgeous yes, but he was rude.

When I got back home I sat down and finished my food, trying to avoid my mothers questions about the new family. I told her that I met the mother, but left out the boy. He wasn't important.

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