Finnick~Alliance Part 2

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Finnick grabs my hand and pulls my towards the elevators. The two of us get in, alone. As soon as the doors shut and the elevator climbs to out high level, I push my lips on his.

Finnick backs into the elevator wall, my lips still attached to his. I lightly bite Finnick's lower lip, he moans in pleasure. We many have only met a few day ago but I feel as tho I've know him forever. Now it's Finnick's turn to take control of the kiss. He spins us around so my back is pressed against the glass elevator. Finnick kisses his way down to my collar bone. He sucks on one spot, just below my jaw, and sucks there for a while. He marked me with a love bite.

The elevator dings, signaling us that we reached out floor. I stop out kiss and just take his hand and pull him quickly to the District 4 suite. He guides me to his room, I assume Mags isn't even up here yet. I push Finnick into his bed and climb onto him, straddling him. I kiss him all over his neck and face.

"Wait wait, (Y/N) are you sure?" Finnick questions, I'm surprised he asks.

"Yes," I peck him in the lips, "I'm sure!" I lean back in to continue our make out session.

"Are you sure?" Because we go back into the games tomorrow and-"

"All the more reason to do it. Look, the capital had taken everything from me. And you. I just want this one night, this last night that doesn't have to do with them. That they don't get to control. I want something that's just up to me and you. Boyfriend and girlfriend" I smile, I really am starting to like Finnick.

Finnick smiles back "Boyfriend and girlfriend" he agrees.

The night was filled with passion and lust, one last night for the two of them to enjoy themselves before the had to go back into the arena. Before they had to kill again. Before could loose each other.

*Finnicks POV*

I wake up just before the sun starts rising. I have few hours before we have to go back to the arena. I turn over to look and see a mess of hair on the pillow next to me. (Y/N). She is softly snoring, I can hardly hear it, she mutters few things her sleep too. Adorable.

I've never felt this way about a girl before. She was the best I've ever had. Usually I was forced to have sex, I never did it for myself. I never had free, loving sex until last night. Sure, some of the women loved me but I never loved them.

I've loved (Y/N) ever since she was in the 70th Hunger Games. I mentored a small girl named Annie Crestia that year. I hoped she would win, she was really sweet. After the scores were released, I knew she couldn't. But I still had hope.

There was a girl in the interviews the I remember sticking out. She was from District 3. She was stunning, only a year younger than myself. She seemed strong, ready to fight but didn't want to hurt anyone.

During the games it got down to five people. Annie and (Y/N) were the only females  left in the games.

(Y/N) was up in tree, waiting to attack. Annie was wondering the woods, looking for water. It was only the third day. Most of the kids were killed in the bloodbath, or by (Y/N). Annie was standing right below the tree (Y/N) was in, I can remember it perfectly because it was so surprising. (Y/N) didn't even raise her knife, she glanced down and saw her and turned back to what she was doing. She spared Annie.

Annie eventually walked away, never noticing (Y/N) in the trees. A few hours later, Annie was still wondering for water, she needed it badly. The only fresh water was being guarded by the remaining men. I tried to get sponsors to send her water but they didn't want to invest their money in her, she was going to die. Annie was too desperate to care anymore, she ran to the water. Before she could reach it, a spear soared through the air into her abdomen. The guys left her there. Still alive, slowly dying. They went off to find (Y/N).

(Y/N) suddenly ran out of the woods to Annie laying in the grass.

"Oh my god" (Y/n) sputtered, obviously she hadn't planned on saving anyone in the games.

She pulled the spear out, Annie took a sharp breathe in as she did.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that you were put in these awful games. I'm sorry that I didn't help you. I'm sorry that there's nothing I can do anymore." (Y/n) cried.

"Kill me" Annie choked out, blood spat out of her mouth as she spoke. Annie was in pain. She just wanted it over.

"I'm sorry" was the last thing (Y/n) said to Annie before she plunged a knife into her heart. A cannon rang out. Soon after (Y/n) managed to win the games.

(Y/n) moved beside me. She pulled her body closer to mine. I laughed at her actions.

"Mmm" (Y/n) hummed into my chest. She peeked up to face me, hair crazy yet she still looked stunning. 

"Morning" I smiled, I could get used to waking up next to (Y/n) every morning.  Unfortunately that wouldn't happen.

"Morn-" (Y/n) interrupted herself by yawning.

"We have to leave soon"

"Ugh, don't remind me" (Y/n) grumbled.

She stood up and began to walk into the bathroom that was attached to my room. Before she was out of reach I smacked her ass. She had no clothes on, and she was walking confidently to the bathroom. Only hesitating when I hit her bum. After several minutes, she was still in the bathroom. I could hear the water running in the shower.

"You gonna join me?"

(Y/n) interrupted my thoughts. There she stood, in all her glory.

"How could I say no to that?" I question, gesturing to her lack of clothes. (Y/n) giggled as she ran to the shower, I was close behind.

I wrap the towel around my waist, I step out to my bedroom. (Y/n) follows with a towel wrapped around herself.

Someone knocks on the door, I walk over to open it but before I can it swings open. It's Daphne, the District 4 escort. I look at the time... Shit.

"It's time"

Hey everybody! I decided to write a part 2!!! But I got really excited writing this so I think I might turn it into a new book in my page!!! Let me know what you think!

xoxo -k

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