my vampire slave 2

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"Wake up Siouxsie! We need to go out!" My mother called.

"Ehhhhh. Go away I want to sleep!"

"Now, now, sweetheart, that's no atatude to have on the day we are getting your first vampire!"

"But I don't even want a vampire!" I called back.

"Siouxsie Jones, when I was your age I would have done anything to have a vampire, so your not getting off that easily!"

The reason neither of my parents had a vampire slave was because there is a law stating that no one over thirty could have one and they wern't avalible to "purchuse" when my parents were children.

I decided to give in. " OK Mum, I'll get ready."

"Good." she said.

I walked over to my chest of drawers and opened my bottom draws revealing my favouirte clothes. Im a goth so all my nice goth clothes were crammed into these two drawers because my mum still wanted me to keep some "normal" clothes ( I never wore them though). I pulled out my long black lacy skirt and slipped it on. Ithen began my search for a nice top. I then found my lovely black top I had been looking for for ages and pulled it over my head. It have black flowery lace at the top (lovely) and the best part was it only cost me £2 since I got it from a charity shop.(Some of the best stuff comes from charity shops.)

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