2.5K 101 15


I really don't know what to say.. I could rant for ages but I would bore you to death so not going to do that

I feel like it was only yesterday that I hit 10k, so when I looked today I nearly screamed (and I'm in the car so that wouldn't be good)

I thought that 1000 reads was good, and 20K was unreachable for this puny book- but you guys surprised me again!

I'm really happy about this because it's my birthday on Easter Monday (28th of March) so this is like an early birthday present :D

I hope that you guys continue to like what I write, if you have any feedback or ideas for the book, I will happy take it into consideration. Writing on wattpad and seeing your awesome comments really help me through, especially due to all my exams and assignments that I have to do.

Sorry for this rant, have a great day/night :)


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