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Storm x



"Miss Richardson, are you almost finished?" My boss presses as I simply shake a bit of feeling back into my left hand from writing and typing non-stop since he dumped an extra two piles of work on his desk for me to do.

I've been working since eight this morning, and it's coming up to eighteen o'clock.

"I'm almost done, Sir. Just give me more time." I plead, scribbling as quickly as my hand will go.

He taps the desk frustratedly and I am about to snap at him when I realise I'm done. I hand the papers to him and he smirks.

"Can I just go now?" I snap, and he nods.

"Yes. Thank you, Arianna. See you tomorrow."

"Yay, I just can't wait." I say with as much sarcastic enthusiasm as I can muster.

"Watch that attitude. You can go." He snarls and I roll my eyes, standing up and heading straight for the door.

So here's the deal - I'm actually just a waitress, but of course my boss, whose name is in fact Mr Smith, wanted help with paperwork. And the honour landed with me, the crocodile as I am nicknamed for my snappy attitude and lack of patience.

Anyway, introductions. My full name is Arianna Eclipse Richardson, nineteen years of age. Waitress in a shitty café in the middle of town in the city. Currently single, living alone with my cat.

My beautiful cat who I like to call my boyfriend. Oreo is probably one of the cheesiest names you've ever heard for a cat, but he's mainly black with a thick white stripe across his back, with white paws and white on his face which frames big, turquoise eyes and long whiskers.

Me and Oreo get along great. We are a team, just the two of us. He is basically my therapist too.

"I heard Smith shouting at you." My friend Kylie smirks as she collects some plates.

"When is he not, the pervert?" I grumble.

"Chill, Anna." She rolls her eyes. Anna is the nickname I was given by Kylie when we were both seven years old.

"I hate this sh!t-hole." I hiss.

"Hey, it's not that bad."

"It is."

"At least you get free food?"

"That's the only highlight."

Kylie rolls her eyes and shakes her head at what I say.

I walk out of the cafe after saying goodbye to her and some of the other girls (yes, Mr Smith only hires girls) and get on the earliest bus to my house, where Oreo greets me with a purr and a nuzzle.

"Hey, baby boy." I grin, tickling his nose. He sneezes in reply.

Eight o'clock. Enough time for a beer or two and one of the Harry Potter movie.

I grab a bottle of Cobra and settle with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. For some reason it's my favourite.


"Arianna." Mr Smith's voice interrupts mine and Kylie's current conversation and I spin around to see him standing over me.

"Sir?" I ask, crossing my arms in frustration.

"One of the toilets is blocked. Could you unclog it? Everyone else has work to do."

"Do I get extra money?"

"Preposterous! Of course not!" He grins.

I step back with a slight nod.

"I'll do it."

"Good." He smirks, and allows me to step past him into the toilets.

He wasn't lying.

The whole bathroom reeks of wet and used toilet paper and general body waste.

Scowling and cursing under my breath, I pluck the plunger from the cupboard under the sinks and locate the blocked toilet, before plunging away at it like it would rip off Smith's face.

I hear someone enter the bathroom and a strange feeling overcomes me. A dominance fills the atmosphere and I become conscious of my uniform, a small, tight, above-the-knee skirt and white button up shirt with a few of the top buttons undone, revealing a small patch of my D-cup boobs.

Ignoring the feeling, I unclog the toilet and flush it, stashing away the plunger and washing my hands.

"Excuse me." A deep and very intimidating voice says. I look up into the mirror and almost melt at the sight of a gorgeous man.

He clears six foot tall, probably around six-foot-four , with a strong build and dressed impeccably smart in a suit and tie.

He has dark hair in a perfect position on his head and a beautiful face - from his flawless jawline to his different coloured eyes - one a piercing green and the other a dark brown. And he has lips to die for, I'm telling you. I know exactly who he is.

"Are you talking to me... sir?" I ask anxiously, turning around.

"Do you see anybody else I could be talking to in here?" He scoffs, gesturing to the room. He pulls out a man perfume and sprays himself, and the scent is heavenly, only making him more attractive.

"No... sir." I look down and nibble on my lip as he seems to analyse and assess my whole body and every move I make. He's very... intense. Kind of intimidating.

"Good." He smirks and I fidget awkwardly. "I just wanted to tell you that your phone fell out of your pocket."

I look at the floor and surely enough, my phone is there at his feet.

I bend down and pick it up hurriedly.
"Thank you." I say quietly. He smirks again, and it looks incredibly attractive on him. I feel my cheeks flushing crimson under his hot stare.

"You're very... polite."

"Not normally." I admit.

"Really? Now I find that hard to believe."

"We're actually about to close, so you should get going." I snap and he grins, his teeth perfectly straight and white.

"One day you'll face the consequences of having snappy attitude like that." Is all he says before leaving swiftly and putting something in my hand.

I leave as soon as the door swings shut and just like that, he's gone.

I look down at what he put in my hand and gulp.

His phone number... f*ck.


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