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Joker povs

I sighed . I don't know what to do with myself anymore.
"Mista J"
She's so annoying.......ill cut her up later.
"What" I yelled and turned around to face her.
"You told me to remind you.....bat"
That's right!!
I raced and got my best suit. Tonight was going to be a night never to forget.
---___________--- bat house

The mansion came into view. I quickly went around and saw this lovely glass bad brucey.I quickly climbed the mansion and reached the stunning window.Brucey got lucky this time he left it unlocked. I opened it and just admired his room .....just like I imagined from my billionaire.
"Alfred.Don't disturb me" could be herd from my beloved from a mile away.
I quickly hid under the bed. I just had to wait for the perfect moment. As I stared at bats feet . I heard unbuckling........and soon his legs came into view .....and let me just say holy fucking damm. I was left speechless. Soon all his clothes were seen in a pile on the floor. He walked into what I assumed to be the shower. After minutes of pondering what I would do;I saw steam coming out of the bathroom.Perfect!
I quietly got out underneath of the bed. Just as I expected the room was now full with steam...after a couple of minutes Bruce came out fully clothed in pajamas.
Okay it's time
"Bruce" I said whispering
He quickly turned around and I was faced with his beautiful appearance.
"J-Joker " he stuttered
I stepped close to him and stared into his beautiful orbs. I looked down at his round,kissable,plump,lips. And I decided to punch him with my lips ....softly tho because I love him .
I put so much passion and sweetness into the kiss.After fighting me for a few seconds ,his body went lip and wrapped his arms around my waist.
I slowly led the kiss,I pushed him gently on the bed.
I broke the kiss and we both stared at each other. He's so me. When j finally got the words,I whispered "mine " his eyes widened at my words
I repeated it again but much louder and clear "Mine"
"Y-Yo-Yours" he stuttered shocked. I smiled and softly kissed him once again but it turned I licked his lip and asked for entrance.
He recovered from his shock and turned me .He was on top now.
And he said a word I thought I would never hear. "MINE?!" He said questioningly.
I nodded in approval
"Yours " I said smiling
We ended up cuddling together on the king sized bed.Me burning my head on his chest of course.I absolutely loved him...and so what if I'm insane.He's my cure.....


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