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It was dead center in the middle of winter while you stumbled trying to find the heater.

"Ichimatsu! Turn on the heater already!" You screeched, shivering violently.

You heard nothing as you peeked your head inside the room. In the center of the room was the kotatsu all set up. You were grateful for the blanketed warmth once you settled in. You hummed, feeling your body temperature become warmer.

It wasn't until you felt a pair of hands wrap around you that you became alarmed. Your arms slipped from the table as he you landed on your back.
Ichimatsu appeared from under the kotatsu, holding you down roughly.

"I'm still cold, you know." He glared down at you.

"How is that my fault-"

You were cut off as he kissed you a bit forcefully. He waisted no time in removing your clothes, watching as your body perked up from the drafty air in the room.

He shivered considerably in seeing how naked and vulnerable you were. He let his hands glide over you, nipping at your neck in the process.

"A-Ah..!" You let out a moan, immediately covering your mouth.

He shoved your hand aside, growling in your ears. Holding down your waist, he pushed up both of your legs as if finally having enough of the teasing.

Releasing a low groan, Ichimatsu adjusted himself in you.

"I-Ichi!" You whimpered in both excitement and pain.

He grew impatient with having to wait and began a slow thrust. A hiss was heard from in between his teeth as he started picking up speed.

"I-Ichimatsu..! More!" You gasped, becoming overwhelmed with pleasure.

"You love it rough like that, don't you?~" He cooed.

You nodded, immediately covering your face.

"No, move your hands. I want to hear more of those pretty sounds." He commanded, releasing another groan.

After obeying, he rewarded you with an eager thrust and watched as you begged for more, clawing at his back.

"F-Fuck.~ I-I'm going to --" He moaned louder.

"Mm..! Ichi..!"

He reached his climax not long after you, collapsing under the kotatsu. After catching his breath he curled up in the crook of your neck.

"Hmm. I didn't do too bad, did I? After all, I don't hear you complaining about being cold anymore.~" He teased.

"L-Leave me alone!" You huffed.

"Alright, alright. Go to sleep already." He flicked your forehead, drifting off to sleep.

"Goodnight then." You smiled.

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