Chapter Forty::The Red Wedding

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Screams echoed for miles, it seemed; reverberating from every wall, emerging from the throats of men, Stark and Frey alike. Maybe the clash of steel on steel, or the drunken slur that echoed through from the castle's windows, drowned out the screams of horror, but Raina could still hear them. Hearing ever footstep and murmur all the way up to the gates. The howl of a wolf had distracted her momentarily, but when glancing towards the source of said sound, her eyes only sought out more horror and memories she would force out of her mind for good. She pressed on once more, forgetting Greywind's figure and facing large oak doors and the sounds that could be heard from the other side. If her courage had ever been doubted, that was no longer; she barged through the doors without a second thought and found herself in the middle of wedding festivities. She knew it to be a ruse, one that Walder Frey and his traitorous associates had planned to the last detail. It was almost like the inside of the Twins was it's own little world, for the time being.

On her venture back into the Riverlands, with Lady Brienne, a letter was sent from Queen Margaery, informing Brienne of her assistance that was to be required at The Twins, mentioning something along the lines of Walder Frey having made an alliance with the Lannisters, and about how he had intended on betraying Robb at a wedding being held at The Twins on this very night. It hadn't taken long for the women to acknowledge what was really meant by the letter, and to say it terrified Raina was an understatement. Robb was going to die.

Music came from above, several men strumming away and playing instruments through the night, clearly not induced by alcohol yet, unlike the crowd on the floor below. It seemed as though every keg of wine and ale within the Twins had been opened on that night, allowing Stark soldiers and Robb's personal council to get as drunk as they pleased, numbing their senses in order to make the evening more fun, and easier on the Frey men whom would be turning the wedding ceremony into a slaughter house soon enough. The hall was bigger than Raina had anticipated, her small frame struggling past drunkards and soldiers as she so desperately searched for the love of her life, the room only feeling bigger with the endless crowd that filled it. Knowing Walder Frey was not one to disrespect position and titles, Raina deduced that Robb would be close to the top table, on the other side of the room. She didn't know how long she had left until the real event began, but at the speed she was going, Raina was doubting whether or not she would make it across the room with enough time to get herself and Robb out alive.

And as time dragged on, pulling the party into the night, the crowd became more lively, the desired effect of the alcohol taking it's toll on the men as they became more rowdy and began dancing and laughing together in clusters, filling the hall with more noise and taking up more space which Raina became desperate to cross. Unaware of how much space she'd actually covered, Raina found herself on the edge of a large, cleared, area where the dancing was taking place; she also found she could just see the other side of the room from where she stood, vaguely making out the figure of Catelyn Stark whom stood standing, facing a man she could not identify. As much as Robb loved his mother, and as much as Raina had, in the past, idolised Catelyn, she meant nothing in their race against time; and Raina knew Catelyn would force Robb to leave without her, if it meant her son would survive, and so the Glover girl decided there was no time to contemplate getting to Catelyn as well. Raina only vaguely thought over this as she tried her best to evade the dancing and groups of men in order to get to the other side of the room where her beloved would be. She also didn't spare the time to consider that Robb's betrothed, Derwa, would be there as well, or that Robb would not wish to leave her side if he knew what was to happen; but all she could think of in that moment was reaching him, at least. She didn't even care if she died, she just needed to reach him, that was all that mattered - seeing him, one last time.

Almost as if on cue, Walder Frey's voice echoed through the hall and silencing the men within it, talking directly to the King whilst the crowds dulled and mostly all returned to their designated tables - leaving very few standing at the back of the room. "Your grace. The septon has prayed his prayers, some words were said, and Lord Edmure has wrapped my daughter in a cloak. But they are not yet man and wife. A sword needs a sheath." Cringing at the words of Lord Frey, Raina listened intently as laughter broke out from several men in the room, causing more noise before Walder Frey continued, "And a wedding needs a bedding. What does my sire say?" The lord laughed his sleazy laugh, along with his men, awaiting a reply. Loud chanting began from every party in the room, banging on the table's as their words filled the hall. "To bed! To bed! To bed!" The chorus continued, all until a familiar voice broke through the mass of yells. "If you think the time is right, Lord Walder, then by all means, let us bed them!" An ever so familiar figure stood up from one of the many tables, his black outfit complimenting his reddish mop of curls, features Raina couldn't help but acknowledge as the King addressed Lord Walder with an amused tone. The room erupted back to it's previous atmosphere, the bride being carried through the large crowd, which formed back where it had been previously, her new husband being dragged along behind her by a few giggling maidens, as they were taken into a back room, out of sight. It was odd seeing Edmure again, but it phased her very little during this time. Instead, Raina, despite her heritage, felt sick thinking of the Northern concept, and considered whether or not that would have happened at her own wedding, or whether Robb would have been too much of an honourable man to let that happen, and would have waited until they were in the privacy of their bed chambers. The initial thought of the wedding that never occurred made Raina's chest constrict, knowing that Robb would might have had the wedding he so desired, she just wasn't there.

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