Chapter Thirty Nine::Betrothal

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  "May I ask why you are so far from the King? I heard he had not long left Riverrun," Brienne inquired, as the two women set off in one another's company. "I...I am not longer welcome in his company, I am afraid. I have ventured out on my own." Raina was quick to reply, head held high despite the cool dusk that now loomed over head. The pair had walked quite far, it was to be believed, in the time they had shared one another's company, and some time had passed that it was now the verge of nightfall. "You have heard then of his betrothal," Brienne remarked, her height, compared to Raina's, towering much more than any other Raina had met, even Delvin. "Betrothal?" Raina was quick to repeat, cutting her step short as she stared desperately up to her company, suddenly interested in what the woman had to say on the subject. "To the Frey girl," The woman replied, confusion ringing in her tone though it did not phase Raina in the slightest. He had been quick to arrange the marriage with Raina's leaving, or had it been so long since Raina had left that he had actually taken his time about the matter? All days seemed to merge together when on the road, Raina had almost forgotten that as well. "I did not think he would be so quick to agree to that proposal." Raina mumbled quietly, continuing her walk but at a much slower pace than previously. She couldn't help but feel the same painful burn in her chest as she had felt whenever seeing Robb with the valyrian woman, the stab of jealousy and heartbreak piercing her heart and winding her at the same time. She just felt stupid now for having not prepared for this before hand. The entire reason behind her leaving was that he would, in turn, marry the Frey girl. That had been the reason behind everything. Why it was now so shocking to believe he'd been betrothed was probably a direct result of Raina's sadness at leaving his side. It wasn't as though she'd wanted to leave him, yes she had agreed to do it, but that did not mean she had intended to, or for that matter was happy to depart from his company. She had been quite the opposite. 

"I saw it, when you visited King Renly. The looks you two shared. It was obscenely obvious; you love him." Brienne mused, a knowing smirk growing somewhat on her pale features. "Not a great deal that can be done about it now." Raina scoffed, head hung low as she thought over all that she had done to get to Robb, only to leave him at the drop of a coin. "You could go back to him," Brienne suggested, though there was something not so convincing in her words, as though she was doubting her own advice. "I doubt that would end particularly well with anyone," Raina replied, "This was the desired outcome of my leaving, things would only get worse if I returned now." "What do you mean the desired outcome?" Brienne asked curiously, though not too much that it would seem intrusive. Raina let out a soft sight, recalling Lady Stark's exact words on the matter. "Robb and I, as you say, were in love. However, Robb had made the decision he would not marry the Frey girl on account of that. His mother disagreed with his decision, and requested that I leave and not interfere with the King in the future." Raina sighed, looking towards her damp feet, as she strode through puddles and muddy dents in the road. "Returning soon may not be such a good idea," She added quietly, watching as her company slowed her pace to match the Glover's. "Allow me to speak plainly. Lady Catelyn, though be her the King's mother, should have little say in the King's choices. He is no longer merely her son, he is a ruler, a monaque; he is mature enough now to make decisions without needed unrequested guidance from his mother, whom can not hold his hand forever." Brienne said wisely, her stare soft as it trained on the smaller figure at her side. 

Raina sighed, knowing that what the woman, in her company, had said was true, yet found it hard to agree. She'd felt so concerned for Robb, in every choice he'd made so far. She'd feared what would come of him if he were to marry the Frey girl, and now she was petrified at what would occur if he did not. There was only so many things that Raina could accept in life, Robb's fate being determined by her, was not one of them. And still she was selfish enough to still feel otherwise. Her head always at odds with her heart, as it were. 

"Perhaps you should do what you wish, m'lady. And face the consequences of these actions at the side of the man you love. Where you so clearly belong." Brienne smiled down at her, her words seeming as though she knew all there was to know on the matter, and still a small shred of pride lingering in her bright eyes. Raina nodded, her mind filled with all the memories she'd stored of times with Robb, everything she'd done with him throughout her life, and all that she loved about him. Whatever came of Robb, as a King, Raina would not let happen alone. She would stand by him, as she had intended on doing since she was a naive girl.  And would be damned if she failed that now. "Do you, by chance, happen to know the way to The Twins from here?" Raina asked quietly, her voice trembling with fear as she made her decision. She would fight Walder Frey with her bare hands if it came to it, but she would, in no way, allow the King to go through with a marriage he had so detested the idea of. She loved him too much to stand aside and watch it happen to her King. 

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