5 months earlier...


School. I liked it. I was an early riser so the 6 a.m. wake up calls did not bother me. I enjoyed learning, as stupid as it may sound I liked being able to blurt out random facts or spell an entire word and give it's definition. 

epis-mo-phil-ia// noun                                                                                                                                                                    A person who has a love of knowledge; specifically, excessive striving for or preoccupation with knowledge.

So no, I am not a nerd, I am a epistemophiliac.

"Adley honey, are you almost ready?" My mother called from downstairs, I could hear the sizzling  of the bacon cooking on the stove, and my mother and little sister bickering back and forth over whatever topic my annoying little sister brought up this morning.  

"Yeah, coming!" I grabbed my back pack and work clothes and trotted out of my room.

"But moooooooommm, everyone in my class is going, it's only rated R because of the language, it's not like I have never heard a curse word before, I mean come on I live with Adley and Cole!" 

"Hey watch it! I'm right here and what are you complaining you about today?" I asked kissing my mother on the cheek and grabbing a plate to load my bacon and eggs onto. 

"Everyone in my class is going to see this new movie with Melissa McCarthy movie and mom will not let me go!" My bratty little sister whined.

"Aurora, I've told you 10 times already, no. Now drop it." My mom said with her 'I'm going to start yelling soon if you don't shut up' face. 

"Oh yeah! Jessa and I are going to see that when I get off from work." I said lying, just to make her even more mad.

"UHG! I hate this family, I should just run away." Aurora snapped.

"Yay! I'll help you pack!" I said throwing my hands up in the air.

"Adley." My mother said her voice sounding serious but her face told another story, she clearly thought it was funny.

"Well it was lovely chatting with you ladies, but I have to get going to school. Bye Aurora! Bye Mom!" I hollered walking out of my house and towards my 1998 gold Chrysler Concorde. 

I put my backpack and work clothes into the passenger seat of my car, and pulled out of my driveway. Once I got to school I walked to my locker and put my bags away and grabbed all of the supplies I would need for my classes.

Also another reason that I like school is because since I have excelled every year in high school I have earned lots of credits so, instead of seven classes a day, I only have four.

Art is first period, which is my favorite, second period is math, third period is drama class, not my favorite but my counselor said it would look good on my college application, and fourth period is chemistry. Then my day was over, yay!

The hallways seemed dimmed today, there were no fights, no couples eating each others faces off and no cheer leaders going around trying to spread "School Spirit!" I was absolutely thankful. 



"JESSA!" I yelled after she ignored me the first two times.

"What Ads?!" She said pulling away form the dude she was kissing. Spoke too soon, there were people making out in the hallway, it was my best friend. 

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