Chapter 8: New Official Alliance

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I could have slept better.

I yawned loudly, immediately regretting it because of the pain in my ribs, before slowly getting out of bed. I left my room to look for my pills only to find Zero and Ivory already in the main room.

"Hey, she is alive." Zero called out jokingly. "I've got a surprise for you."

"Should I be worried?" I asked sarcastically.

"Maybe a little." He replied before handing me a box.

I gave him a questioning look before opening the box to find a black piece of fabric. Once I had unfolded it, I realized to my horror that it was a dress.

"What the hell is this?" I exclaimed in disgust.

"We're going to a ball." Zero replied matter-of-fact. "Courtesy of the Awoken, of course."

He reached into another box and pulled out a tuxedo, and Ivory held another dark blue dress uncertainly.

"This is the thanks you get for hunting down her runaway pet?" I scoffed angrily.

"This is to celebrate the our official alliance with the Awoken." He sighed. "It's only a few hours, and it'll be fun. Petra said there was going to be catering."

"I don't know what that is."

"Me neither." Ivory admitted sheepishly. "I'm just confused."

"C'mon, guys." Zero begged. "Maya, when you were younger, you always wanted to be a princess."

Ivory burst out laughing as I felt my face flush furiously.

"Don't ever say that out loud again..." I growled venomously.

He gave me a pleading look, and I looked back uncertainly at the dress in my hands.

"Fine!" I groaned. "But don't expect me to wear any make up."

"The Awoken sent you some of that too."

"I hate all of you."

~~Hours later~~

"I feel stupid."

"Stop acting ridiculous." My Ghost scolded. "You look just fine."

I grimaced into the mirror as I heard a knock on my door.

"Can I come in?" Zero called.

"Yeah, sure."

He walked in with a shiny new tux and a big grin on his face as he saw me.

"Don't even say it." I groaned.

"I wasn't going to say anything." He laughed. "I just thought you looked a little like mom."

I gave him a quizzical look before turning back towards the mirror.

"I wouldn't know." I said.

"Guess not." He replied, ushering me outside. "Come out here, you've got to check Ivory out."

I rolled my eyes as I followed him out of the room to find Ivory dressed up too, and looking uncomfortable in her heels.

"Why doesn't she have to put on any makeup?" I whined.

"Explain how you expect me to do that!" She retorted playfully. "It's a miracle I managed to remove the thousand year old paint splatter over my optic." Zero and I laughed at her outburst.

"So I'm guessing we're all ready to go?" Zero asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I sighed.


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