Part 01

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An irritated RK pushes his way through the crowd searching for his sister. Finally locating her standing with her friends giggling and taking snaps he marched towards her. "Trish!" he angrily whispers into her ear. His sister immediately turns to look at him with a smile "RK, my brother!" "Can we leave?" RK asks not hiding his irritation. "So soon?" Trishna asks scandalized. "Soon? We came here for your friend's wedding and it is over." he reminds her trying to hide his exasperation from her wide eyed (always ogling) friends. "But RK the bride and groom haven't left yet, and we are to go to the bride's house for the party." "There is a party?" RK asks angrily. Trishna nods her head like an innocent girl. "Why didn't you tell me about this before?" RK hisses at her. "I didn't know about it. We were just told now." Trishna replies. RK turns to look at her friends for confirmation and not even one of them was looking at him. Yeah, guilty conscious and all that. Angrily turning to his sister he says in a clipped tone "Trishna, I've a life outside playing chauffer to you and your friends." Belatedly remembering his audience he turns to her friends and flashes his most charming smile and says "Sorry ladies." And every single one of them started blushing and giggling. RK rolls his eyes Lord save him from giggling girls. "It is not everyday I ask you for favors." Trishna pouts. RK raises his one eye brow at her sarcastically. "Please." Trishna says making cute faces. RK sighs "How long will it take here?" Trishna shrugs. God he felt like pulling off his hair... no... no... he felt like pulling off his sister's hair and, each and every limb of hers.... slowly. "Okay, I'm going for a drive when you are done here give me a call." RK tells her, and walks off.

RK was coming out of the party hall and that was when he noticed her. She was standing outside the washroom, she looked pale and she looked like she is in pain. Worried he hurries towards her "Madhubala, you okay?" hearing him she looks up, she was sweating like hell. "RK..." she whispered. "What happened?" he asks worried and looking around hoping his sister would appear out of the blue. "My stomach is paining. I can't..." she stops and starts breathing heavily. She looked too weak to even stand. "Lean on to me." RK says as he wrapped his arm around her and gently led her towards the reception. "We need a doctor." RK urgently informed. "No... I don't want a doctor... I just want to lie down." Madhubala whispers looking at the receptionist hoping she would understand what was ailing her. "You need a doctor." RK tells her as he holds her more securely. "I just have stomach ache." Madhubala whispers again. "Oh stomach pain?" the receptionist asks in an understanding tone. "We'll give you a room. You can rest there. Maybe I can get you hot water bag." the woman suggests. RK couldn't help but gape at the idiotic woman. Hot water bag? The girl looks half dead and she suggests hot water bag? "Yes, that would be great. Thank you." Madhubala replies weakly. RK looks at her in shock. Before he could say anything further he was asked to follow the woman. Realizing that Madhubala is not in a state to walk, he picks her up. "I can walk." came the feeble protest. Hiding his worry, RK smiles at her "Oh damsel in distress, why don't you let me do the gallant thing and be your knight in shinning armor?" Madhubala just couldn't hide her giggles and slightly blushes. Noticing the color rising in her cheeks he says "Ah... you are getting some color back. I'm good at this knight business" RK jokes and cradling her close to his chest he walks towards the lift.

Madhubala was shocked beyond belief. After trying every single trick in her book ' and also every single trick in Trishna book ' for the past one year to get him to notice her, and all this while all she needed was a stomach pain for Rishabh Kundra to be all over her. She sighs inwardly, from now on every second day of her monthly she was camping in Kundra House. Feeling pain, she snuggles closer to RK unknowingly and moans softly. "Shhhh" she felt his jaws rubbing her forehead in a consoling fashion, "You are going to be fine." he whispers gently. Very soon she was taken to a room and then she was being gently placed on a bed. "I'll get the hot water bag shortly." RK absently nods his head as he made Madhubala comfortable on the bed. "Are you comfortable?" "Blanket." "But you are sweating." RK says confused. "I'm feeling cold." she replies. RK quickly spreads the blanket over her and tucks her in while Madhubala lies on her side facing him curling up into a ball. "We need to get you to a doctor." RK says worried. "I don't need a doctor." Madhubala replies. "But Madhubala this is not... it is kinda... I'm worried." he finally finishes off having no idea how to tell her that he thought she was in serious danger. "This is nothing to worry about." Madhubala whispers. "You know the cause for this?" RK asks not convinced. Madhubala nods her head. "What is it?" RK asks frowning. "er... it's... I've... er... my monthly." she finally whispers. RK looks shocked at first and then uncomfortable "Oh... errm... okay." Lord monthly? This is not a place for me! Where the hell is my useless sister when she is needed? Taking out his cell he quickly calls up his sister, moments later a phone started ringing in the room. "Is that your phone?" RK asks Madhubala as he walked towards the table to retrieve her handbag which he had placed there after helping her into the bed. "no.. that is Trish." Great! Now he had to play nursemaid for female problems. Okay take deep breathe... you can do it. Monthlies are such a common thing, you can deal with it. Breathe. RK hangs up the phone and uncomfortably asks the question that has been plaguing him ever since she told him about her monthly "Do you want me to get you... er... you know? Do you have or do you want me to buy?" Madhubala looks at RK confused wondering why he looked like he will throw up any minute now, buy what? Then it struck her sanitary napkins. "NO!" Madhubala tried to shout but her voice was no more than a whisper. RK visibly relaxes and even smiles. Great, Madhubala thought the day Rishabh Kundra decides to pay her some attention, he couldn't have picked a more embarrassing day from her life.

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