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Lena's p.o v

We walked to Science. Yentl was texting on her phone and almost bumped into someone. I laughed at her clumpsiness. We arrived at the classroom. Hello Yentl and Lena, take a seat. We have Mr. Haws today. He is a nice guy. He makes fun of everyone, what's kind of entertaining for the rest. Yentl gave me a small piece of paper. I whisperd: What's that? Just read it! She whisperd back. I fold the paper open en read it. Do you want to hang out with me and Tim?
Tim is Yentl's boyfriend. Ugh, I don't want to watch them make out on the chouch. I wrote: Is it ok if Jace comes along? I just need to ask him. I fold it back and shove the paper to Yentl. She frowned, and then started writing. Ok Lena, just act like you pay attention. Mr. Haws looked up from his work. I kicked Yentl under the table and she quickly hide the paper. Mr. Haws then resumed what he was doing and I let out a sigh of relief. Damn, he almost caught us. If he found out he would read the paper in front of the whole class. That's soooo embarassing. She finally gave me the piece of paper. Yeah that's ok we can watch a film.
She was looking at me and I nodded. 5 minutes later the bell rang. Phew Science is over. We then had Biology. That went fast. Before I knew it the bell rang and it was lunchbreak.
We would meet in the canteen. I saw Jace wave at me. Hey boobo how was Science class? It was ok. But still boring. Do you want to hang out after school? Yeah ok just the two of us? No with Yentl and Tim. We want to watch a film. Ok where? My place. Yentl smiled at us.

The rest of the school day was still pretty boring. I walked to my locker to put away some stuff. I see Jace in the hallway. Boobo are you ready? Yep, just need to take some stuff. When we arrived at Yentl's house, I saw Tim at the door. Hey Lena! Nice to see you again. Haha yeah long time not seen. Yentl ran up to Tim and kissed him. Jace and Tim sat on the chouch while Yentl and I orderd pizza. When the pizza arrived, we started argueing about what we should watch. We were going to watch LOL. Tim and Yentl cuddled and constantly kissed eachother.

Jace's p.o.v

Tim and Yentl were basically making out for us to see everything. Ugh get a room. Tomorrow I need to film for Henry Danger. I asked Lena if she wanted to come along and she said yes. I was happy about that cause I like it when she's around. We have so much fun together. I wasn't paying attention, I kinda got distracted by my phone.

Suddenly, Lena placed her head on my chest. A electric shock went through my body at her touch. Wow what was that? She accidently fell on my chest cause she was asleep. I put a arm around her and soon I fell asleep aswell.

A/N: Heyy do you like it so far? I know this is crap but it will be better I promise. ❤

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