Chapter 1

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Please note that this story has mentions of abuse - mental, physical and sexual! Do not read on if this will offend, upset or trigger anything! The WARNING is here!


"Lorna sweetheart, Mr. Dixon is here." Lorna Whites father Blake White called from the lounge.

Lorna herself was in her room preparing for the evening ahead.

An evening full of drinking, smoking bullying and sexual abuse. She hated these nights more than the times her father abused her on his own.

Six years ago her mother, Anthea White, died. Anthea, unlike Lorna's father, was an honest, caring and protective person. She loved Lorna with all her heart, and if it wasn't for cancer cruelly taking her away far too soon, Lorna would still have her mother.

She would probably still have her father too, at least the old version of him. The kind and loving version, she couldn't say a bad thing about him before her mother died, but now she had a mile long list filled with his faults.

Now, he was nothing at all like that. The alcohol had destroyed his mind making him believe that the abuse he gave his daughter on a daily basis was okay, that she maybe even deserved it.

But, no child, no teenage girl at just sixteen deserved any of what her father gave her.

The strange thing was that Lorna simply got on with it. She did as her father said, allowed him and his friends to abuse and use her to no end. She did as they said with a smile on her face but inside she was dying.

The abuse was slowly eating away at her, making her a cold and unwelcoming person. She didn't care for anyone anymore; she didn't have friends, she didn't talk to anyone at school. She simply got on with her school work and hoped and prayed that her abusive home life would soon be over.

"Lorna, get down here now!" Her father shouted for the second time. "And you best be wearing those clothes Mr. Dixon so kindly bought for you."

"Clothes?" She asked herself as she looked into the mirror. "Barely any material to it." She spat.

The clothes that Mr. Dixon had "so kindly" given her was just a red lacy bra and panties set. She felt disgusting wearing it; she hated that she had to do this to please the two disgusting men that sat in the lounge of the house she was forced to live in until she could finally escape. The house she had once been brought up in by her loving mother and father. Now, what was it?

A living hell.

To stop any more shouting from her father and a potential beating later in the night, Lorna made her way down the stairs wearing nothing but the underwear set and black high heels, as requested by Mr. Dixon of course.

"There she is." Her father slurred as he greedily eyed her up and down.

The temptation to hit him or shout at him was there, just like it always was but she would never allow herself to stoop to his level.

"Well, don't you look beautiful." Mr. Dixon said grinning from ear to ear as he eyed her body, licking his lips.

"Sit over there girl." Her father ordered pointing to a wooden chair in the corner.

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