A Doleful mess

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 The morning sun shines through my tinted window temporarily blinding me. I sit up and stretch my arms accidentally knocking over my table lamp. The lamp falls staying intact (thank god). I reach down and pick it up placing it firmly into the middle of the small side table. Afterwards I glace over at my clock and read 7.09am one minute before the alarm is detonated.  I rub my eyes continuously; the crust implanted on my eye lashes floats onto my bed sheets.  The alarm clock explodes with noise which startles my cat. I call out and say “it’s okay moo, its okay”. She sprints out the room like a cheetah. 

I climb out of bed and drag myself into the bathroom, oh how I love being sleep deprived. I stare into the dirt infested glass. The sun reflects off the glass, I squint, Hair everywhere; must brush it, keep it neat.  My eyes sting, they dribble moisture.  I grab a rag and turn on the tap. I wash my face and insert my eye drops; the stinging dies down into an infrequent throb.  The music continues to pound in the back ground which sounds nothing more than a simple beat with additional clicks and whistles.  I stroll to the racket to disable it for good, as I trip over my cat who has decided to take a nap in the middle of the carpet; I plummet into the table lamp absorbing the shattered shards of glass.  My shoulder blades cry in pain, tears soaking into the carpet -soon becoming a stain.  Visualization blurs, colour retreats, gray and black splodges coat my vision.  Warmth is extinct.  The icy, bitter air freezes my veins leaving them immobile. 

The remains of the gray and black splodges get sucked dry. I’m blind, bleeding and shivering, there is no life left in me, it flows out of the wounds.  I cough and splutter. Jessica Haie is muted, permanently.  The feline sniffs the corpse, placing her paw on Jessica’s beat less heart.  The feline waited for movement of her owner. She waited and waited but the carcass was motionless.  The hungry stomach of the feline ached and screamed, her heart slamming into her ribs like a professional drummer performing a fast solo.

For many nights and many days Moo laid on the corpse which was once her owner. After the 4th day the Feline collapsed. Her Spirit ascended, leaving complete silence in the small, lifeless apartment.  The air stilled, no signs of life remained except for the outline where the cat once laid on her master.

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