Tobi X Reader X Naruto

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You smiled looking at your friend Tobi.

"Okay now turn around" you giggled as you looked at him.

"uhmm..___ why did you put a blindfold on me?"

"shh just continue to turn around" you pushed him slightly.

"___~" You heard your name be called.

"___ Who is that?" He put his hands in front of him trying to find where you were. Just as you were about to turn around you were tackled to the ground by..

"N-Naruto!" you blushed a deep red "what are you doing?" you looked you at him. Tobi quickly took off the blind fold and started glaring at Naruto.

"Nothing much" he smiled at you shooting a small glare at Tobi. "Hey ___?"

"Yea?" You squirmed out from under Naruto. He leaned in kissing you.

"Hey!" Tobi grabbed you holding you close. "___ Is mine!" He quickly kissed you.

"No! She's mine!" Naruto yelled.

"No mine!" Tobi yelled back. You blushed a dark red walking away quickly.

"where do you think you're going?" You felt two kinds of hands on you.

"N-No where..." you mumbled looking at the ground. Smirking they kissed your cheeks.

"well I gotta go~" Naruto smiled running off.

"Bye ___" Tobi waved walking away.

"what just happened" you blushed a deeper red.


AN: Sorry it wasn't that good ;; but this was a yea sorry

But~ I got a Lap-top~ So I guess more stories?