I struggled a lot with this chapter because there are two simultaneous things that are happening. You have Nick hunting Cameron and Sasha looking for Libby and instead of doing a chapter on each one, I wanted to hit you with parts of both. . I've grown to a point where I'm not a huge fan of having more than one POV in a single chapter so I didn't want to switch from Sasha to Nick to Sasha and back again. So I'm really hoping, *fingers crossed*, that I don't get too much hate mail for this but this chapter is done in third person. I know it's really, really, really stupid and might be confusing to switch from having the whole story be first person and then suddenly it's third but I swear it's only two chapters at most that will be third, (this one and MAYBE Chapter 36). I just couldn't think of any other way to have both situations playing out at the same time, and I really want you to be hit with all the emotion at once so it makes it more real.

I'm really sorry if you are unhappy with that. If all of you really hate it then I'll scrap the chapter and try to find a way to write it in first person

To  make up for this switch, I made this chapter extra long

Thank you for reading and fanning and commenting and voting. I love your support and patience!

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*In case you didn't read the long author's note, because I know some people don't, this is done in third person POV*

Chapter 35

3rd Person


                Nick crouched at the base of large tree with wolves surrounding him. Ahead, rogues milled about in a large clearing in preparation for tonight. Behind, warriors waited for the signal to attack. Nick narrowed his eyes in concentration as he scanned the crowd before him for one male in particular. He knew Cameron was there, somewhere, waiting for the right time to strike. Nick knew Cameron was calculating and had a flair for striking with meaning. Everything was punctual and carefully thought out. He wouldn’t push his rogues to leave camp until the sun had completely withered away and not a moment after.

                He had originally been concerned that the rogues would smell them coming but they didn’t appear to be aware of the danger lurking mere feet from them. Nick suspected they passed the new scents off as more rogues joining them. If he could have, he would have smiled. It worked in their favor.

                Casting a glance at the dark sky partially blocked by the stretching limbs of the tree surrounding them he guessed they would be moving any time now. Beside him, Sasha and Kyle stood waiting. As soon as the fighting engaged they, as well as the rest of the group dispatched to find Libby, would make their way along the outskirts of the battle and then head for the warehouse. Sasha’s legs were bent slightly and her body thrummed with energy, eager and ready to rescue her charge. Kyle waited patiently for Nick to give him the go ahead. Nick couldn’t communicate with Kyle’s pack so he left it to the other Alpha to give the signal to his pack.

                Tension pilfered the air, both warrior and rogue anticipating the imminent fight.

Nick flicked his eyes towards the rogues once more and noted they had begun shifting, obviously preparing to leave. Looking over at Kyle once more he nodded, giving him the signal to alert his pack.


Dozens of wolves charged from the woods, snarling and growling their way through the clearing towards the surprised rogues. The rogues only remained caught off guard for a few seconds before instincts stepped in. Enraged howls filled the air as they surged forward, meeting the warriors in the middle of the clearing. Teeth clashed and claws connected with skin as aggressive growls came from each wolf.

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