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In A Snap

Kathryn Chandria - “I’m just a girl who dreams of having a simple life and finding true love. But what I didn’t know was that everything I used to will change in just a snap.”

Daniel John – “They said that I’ve got everything that everyone would ever dream of. They’ve got it all wrong. I maybe rich and all but still I find myself searching for something or should I say someone who will complete me.”


Whooo! In a Snap. SUPER GANDA RIN NITO! Kakaiba yung daloy ng kwento and you will totally love it! Basta basta! baka kasi pagnagkwento ako maspoil ko nanaman kayo! Just trust me maganda tong story na to! And don't worry I've read all the stories that I am posting in this compilation and ofcourse I know how to Identify if a story is good or what. Kay? SO TRUST ME! Maganda to! Hahaha.

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