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Pen Your Pride

                                                                    Kales p.o.v.

"Uncle Kale! Uncle Kale!" a small voice calls me as I feel some tiny hands pushing the side of my head. "Uncle Kale, wake up!" Next thing I know, I feel a little finger in my eye.

"Ouch!" I yell and sit up, rubbing my eye.

What the hell is Brendon doing on top of me? I thought when I saw Brendon laying across my chest, with his hand on my stomach. I sit up and push Brendon off of me, causing him to land on the floor. "Dude, what the hell!? Why were you sleeping on me? And where are your pants?"

Brendon sat up and shrugged his shoulders in response. "I was tired and I sleep like a rock… my bad." He then looks down at his boxers. "At least I have boxers on this time; remember that--"

I reach over and slap Brendon on the back of the head. "Yeah I remember, let’s not bring that up ever again!"

Tristin stands there, eyeing me. "Uncle Kale, why were you sleeping with a guy?"

Brendon jumps up, trying to sit on the edge of the bed, but fails, landing on his ass on the floor. "Ow!” he whined. “Sometimes when you're really tired, you would sleep on an elephant’s butt if it’s close by."

I reach out and slap Brendon on the side of the head, again. "Shut up," I warn him then look over at Tristin as he starts pointing and laughing at Brendon. "Tristin, go get dressed, little guy. We have to get you dropped off."

Brendon jumps up and points at Tristin. "Yeah, Tristin, go get dressed." I swear he has the brain of a 5 year old... No - a 3 year old!

I look at both of them and point. "You both get dressed," I command. They both look at me with evil looks and then stomp off. It's okay... you can make it. Keep it together, I told myself.

I walk to my closet to look for my cop uniform, when I remember that I left it at work. Shit! I grab some random clothes to throw on until I can make it to the station to change. Then I ran out to the living room and grabbed my keys. "You boys ready?"

Tristin runs out of his bedroom first and grabs his bag. "I'm ready, uncle Kale," he calls out then turns around and points at Brendon as he walks into the living room. "Haha! I beat you! You're slow, Brendon. I'm fast."

Brendon runs at Tristin and picks him up, throwing him over his shoulder. "I'll show you fast, you little booger," he threatens, proceeding to take off and run around the couch with Tristin screaming at the top of his lungs.

I just stay there, watching them with my arms crossed until they both get tired and fall over on the couch. "Can we go now?" I announce as they both look over at me with red faces. "Tristin, put your shoes on."

Tristin throws his shoes on the wrong feet and starts walking to the door.

I grab the back of Tristins shirt as he walks by. "Tristin buddy, your shoes are on the wrong feet."

Brendon stands up and fixes his clothing. "Yep.”

I open the door and wait for them both to walk out. "Brendon, your shirt’s on backwards."

He looks at me and then frowns like a two year old that just got his cookie stolen. "Oh, yeah…"


I pulled up at Kalise’s house and Tristin and I jump out, running him to the door. We're already running late, and if you're late at the station, they like to give you a hard time by giving you the shitty jobs. I reach out and knock on the top of the door while Tristin knocks on the bottom of the door.

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