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I walked into Gerald's and my apartment. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out a bottle a wine. I opened it and took a drink of it setting it on the counter. I heard moaning upstairs, I cocked my head sideways curious. I walked upstairs quietly and went to our room. I opened the door slightly and looked through the door and saw Gerald and some girl having sex. The girl was on top of Gerald and he looked drunk. I gasped and slammed the door shut. The door opened as soon as I was down the stairs and grabbed the bottle of wine chugging some of it. I then walked out of the big apartment and slammed the door. He catched the door before it closed and he said," It's not what it looked like (Y/N)! Please come back." I didn't respond I just kept walking towards my car with the bottle in my hand." You shouldn't drink and drive." He said and grabbed my hand." Maybe I should, so I drive off a bridge and die. I thought we would never cheat on each other." He looked worried and sad," Please just don't leave me." He choked on the words and started crying," I love you so much." I growled," Fine. One more fucking chance! But if you fuck this up, I will drink this whole bottle and crash into a car, just so I can die. I'd rather be dead than date a cheater." He sobbed," Look, it's not my fault. That girl just got me drunk and I asked her to bring me home cause I didn't want to be drunk and driving. Then we got to our apartment, I lied in bed and she jumped on top of me and tried to fuck me. I tried pushing her off but she got my sweet spot." He showed me the hickey on his neck," Then i moaned and that's when you came in." I sniffed and cried," Its ok G. I'm here, I'll stay. Just one more chance ok?" I cried. He nodded and hugged me, the girl ran out and brought a gun out of her pocket." You better let go of my man or i will blast your fucking head off with this gun." She said." He whispered in my ear," Just listen." We pulled back and put our hands up in defense.
A/N don't worry I'll make a part 2 :)

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