Chapter 12

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"Mr.Collins, your wife is showing signs of improvement." The doctor says with a half smile.

My heart stops as I hear this statement. My mom! She is improving! My knees weaken and I hold dad for support. He seems equally shocked too! He smiles with tears dripping down and I'm sure I am doing the same.

"Doctor that-that's a great news. But what happened? Her condition at house. What was that about?" Dad questions beaming with happiness.

"Mr.Collins that was a revival attack you can say. Her body suddenly came alive after being numb for so long and that led to the foreign reaction. It was a sudden change for the brain and it could not take it normally. It wrecked havoc in the nervous system of the body but now the situation is under control." The doctor explains. I just nod my head absentmindedly. All I can think is mom opening her eyes. Speaking to us. Being back with us.

"Can we see her now doctor?" Dad asks with anxiousness lacing his voice.

"Yes you can but be careful Mr.Collins. By revival, I meant that her eyes are open now. She even moved her forefinger once during the operation and that's great progress in her case. But this is where the situation is even more fragile. Even the slightest shock or stress can damage her condition severely. You have to take the utmost care not to stress her. She can vividly understand and see things now so if there is any kind of emotional stress on her mind, her condition might get worse. Be careful not to cry in front of her or talk emotionally to her. Be happy with her and be normal. Remind her of the happy memories but take care it does not cause any emotional strain. Good luck Mr.Collins." The doctor explains.

"Thanks, doctor. Thanks so much. Anything else that we need to know?" Dad says in gratitude.

"No, you just need to fill up the forms at the reception as we will keep her here for the next few days for observation."

"I'll do that doctor. Thanks once again." Dad says and the doctor nod at us with a smile.

We enter the room quietly, still crying. Why I am crying- I don't know. I should be happy, dancing and screaming in joy but these stupid tears won't stop. I quickly wipe them away when we near mumma's bed. Her eyes, they are open. Staring at the ceiling. I stop there. I want dad to go to her first. It been a greater agony for him to not be able to look in those beautiful eyes of his wife.

"An-Andrea?" Dad asks quietly as if he still doesn't believe mom is there with here eyes open.

Mumma's gaze flickers and her eyes move towards dad. Her facial expression doesn't change though. Or let's say it can't change. But I can see it. She is just as joyous. It would be torture for her not to put her hands around dad kiss him just like she always did. A torture not to hug me with all her love and care. But it will happen soon. She stayed strong and she is here now. Soon she will be all good. Dad bends cautiously and hugs mom lightly. I can see here eyes get watery. See! I knew she feels it. I turn around and wipe my tears again so that I can face her happy just like the doctor instructed us.

"Honey you have been so strong. I love you and I know you love me too. Don't stress yourself. Just relax so you can get well and healthy all soon. Thanks for doing this love. Thanks so much. We missed you so very much." Dad's voice quivers as he finishes the sentence and struggles so hard to control himself. He motions for me to come forward. I go near my mother, my mumma bear and all I do is stare into her eyes. Her beautiful oceanic eyes filled with so much love, I can see it right away. I can't cry. If I want her back, mumI have to keep her happy.

"Hey, mom. You're back and I'm so happy. Thanks for not letting go mumma bear. I missed you a lot and I know you missed me too. After all you must be missing all the gossip without being able to watch your favorite tv shows. But now you can do it all. Everything. Isn't that great?" I was rambling and I knew it. Even she knew it. I knew that if I just kept looking at her, I would break and say things that won't be good for her.

We sat there for hours. It was quite late in the night when dad took me home. I refused but he said the hospital wouldn't allow more than one person to stay. I knew he was lying. But I also knew why. He wanted me to rest. He looked tired himself. If I went home for the night, I could come back in the morning and then dad would be able to refresh. So I agreed. He dropped me in the front of our house and drove away immediately with a quick good bye. With my keys in my hand, I walked towards the house. I saw the West's house having its lights on. It was a weekend though so it was normal if they were awake having some family time. I remember everything that took place in the hospital. With a soft smile I open the door and get in.

No matter how tired I am, I can't sleep. My stomach was rumbling with hunger and I have to eat something. I climb up to my room. Seeing Xavier's room lit, I go to draw my curtains so I can change and have some privacy. Just as I'm about to draw the curtains, Xavier appears at his window. He slides the glass open and waves at me. It would be rude to walk away so I open my window too and give him a small smile.

"Hey Sammy. You look tired." He says tentatively.

"Yeah I just came home so I guess I am tired."

"How is your mom now? I mean she is the one the ambulance came for right?"

"Yes. But she is fine now. In fact better." I'm too tired to explain him what had actually happened and I guess he gets that. He just nods at me and mutters a good night. I take that as my cue to leave and draw my curtains and rush to the bathroom. I wash my face with water and smile at my reflection in the mirror. I don't remember the last time I felt so happy and alive. I quickly change in to my shorts and a loose baggy t-shirt. I hop downstairs to find something to eat. I curse my luck when I see I have no eggs left. And there isn't anything edible to eat in the fridge. I guess I'll have to have some butter and bread for now. I open the fridge again and realize I just have just two slices of frozen bread left. Great. You're gonna starve today Samantha.

God is immensely generous and that's the reason I'm full now. With an amazing meal might I add.  Well- when I was groaning about the lack of foot, the bell rang. I opened the door to find Mrs.West with an appetizing meal set in a tray. She had brought me food. She had got some extra for dad too but he wasn't here. I was thankful for that!

"Thank you so much Mrs.West. The food was amazing. Had you been not there, I would have probably slept on an empty stomach."

"Don't be silly darling. That is what neighbors are for. I didn't know all that about your mother. And I'm happy she is improving. Also call me Della. Mrs.West is too formal." Della says. I told her everything about mom's accident and her reaction was not fake sympathy but genuine concern. That made her even more attractive to me. Della was a blessing and that moment made me realize that.

Della left after a while. She even offered me to stay the night at her place but I knew better than to step into the devil's house itself. I wouldn't call him a devil now though. He had particularly been polite in the last conversation we had and that was a first. Maybe he just felt showing some sympathy to me. Whatever it was I did not want to believe in this fake side of Xavier, for I knew better. Now the only thought I had on my mind was that my mumma bear was getting better. And that was all that mattered. With the image of her beautiful eyes in my head, I fall into a deep slumber.

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