Chapter 12

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I wake up the next morning, feeling completely refreshed. When I spoke with Brandon yesterday, he told me that he was going to change my schedule around so that Peter can't figure out what it is and hopefully give up his pursuit of me. I go in at eleven today. I also made an appointment with Kathy, my therapist this morning before I go into work.

When I arrive at her office, I sit inside the car for a few minutes to get my thoughts together before going inside. I know this is going to be a difficult hour because of all that I have to talk about. But maybe getting it off of my chest will help.

I get out of the car and walk inside of the building and press the button for her floor at the elevator. I continue to collect my thoughts when the elevator opens and I walk inside. I look around and I'm alone so I relax on the trip up.

I walk inside of Kathy's office and she's waiting for me. "Hi Carmen! How are you today?"

"I'm doing well." I answer, surprised that I'm telling her the truth. "That's good! Come on in and we can get started." We walk further into the inner office and take a seat. "What brings you in today?"

I explain what happened the night before last and she listens to me, asking questions and taking notes. When I finish, she asks me, "Do you remember anything from before you woke up in the hospital?" I shake my head, "Not at all. I thought after all of that, I would remember, but nothing happened. How long is it going to take for me to remember?"

"There is no set time for these things. The reason that we know that you are going to get your memory back is because of the headaches. If they weren't involved, then I would say that there is a chance that it won't happen. Your mind is blocking what happened because of the tragedy that happened. It's just not ready to deal with that time yet. It will happen, just be patient. What else is going on in your life?" She moves around in her seat a little.

"I met some friends!" I reveal excitedly. "Someone other than Mrs. Mayfield?" She inquires. I nod, "I met a guy and his friend while working one night. Then they brought the rest of their guy friends in a few nights later and then they brought their wives in about a week later. The wives all like me except for one. I think there is a connection between Samson and I because his wife was killed in the bombing." My head starts to hurt and I close my eyes. Kathy is quiet and sits patiently until I open my eyes. "Did you ask her name?" I shake my head. "You should in the future. It may help your memory."

I nod. "How is Mrs. Mayfield?" She asks. "She moved in with her son. He lives in California." I answer.

"Are you okay? I know that you miss her."

After relaying that story to her, I tell her, "I do miss her, but she needed more assistance that what I was able to give her. Tyson is very well off and able to get her around the clock care. I know that she is better off living with him. I talk to her every day and she's loving the beach!"

Kathy nods and smiles at me. "I'm glad you made more friends, I know it was hard on both of you with her leaving."

"I'm glad also. She wouldn't leave until I made more friends. I took her to the barbecue that they had about three weeks ago and she likes all of them. So we were able to get her to move." I tell her.

"They've kept me so busy that I've hardly had time to miss her." I say. "Tell me about the person in the group that doesn't like you?" She requests. "I think that she doesn't like me because she was best friends with Samson's wife. She thinks that I'm taking her place when that is definitely not happening. Samson's not ready to date yet and I would like to have my memory back before I decide to get into a long term relationship." I tell her.

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