1 |King Hughes Territory|

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"Now get the hell out of my room before I do something far more worse." I whispered and she crawled out and shut the door quietly.

Ever since that day I never got touched by her. We didn't even speak, she was terrified of me now and I preferred it that way.

When I heard light footsteps behind me I turned to see my aunt entering the kitchen. She flinched when she noticed me and tried to leave the kitchen and I chuckled.

"Stop." My voice made her pause in step and she turned around slowly to face me. She stared at the floor and wouldn't dare look me in the face.

"I went in town earlier and brought some food. Why don't you eat something?" I suggested quietly. I hated her but that didn't mean I didn't care. She was still my family and still raised me in a home. I was still grateful for that.

She nodded and walked towards the counter. I knew she wouldn't stay in here for long and cook something because she never stayed around me for too long. She decided to grab a slice of bread and then she bolted out of the kitchen before I could say anything else.

Later that day I was surprised to notice my aunt was in her bedroom all day. She's usually cleaning, on the phone, or cooking when I'm not in the kitchen but the little cottage was quiet all day. Too quiet.

I stood up from my spot in the kitchen where I always sit next to the window so I could gaze at the woods. I walked out of the kitchen and headed for my aunts bedroom. The door was cracked so I lightly pushed it open. The room was spotless, the bed was made and the room looked as if no one had touched it all day. I tilted my head to the side slightly and wondered what my aunt was up to.

Before I could turn around I was hit in the back of the head. I immediately fell to the ground and grabbed my head. It was a big man towering over me.

"What the hell?" My eyes widened and I heard my aunt laughing from behind him.

More men were entering the house from behind them and I realized what was happening. My aunt was getting these men to hurt me or even worse, kill me.

"Get her!" My aunt screamed when she Noticed me crawling away. I quickly stood to my feet and headed for the front door. The men were right behind me, so I tried to run as fast as I could into the woods. The men were chasing after me fast, calling me curse words and yelling what they wanted to do to me.

It was repulsive.

I was so terrified and so focused on getting as far away from them as possible that I didn't even realize I was running on the path of the green grass. Everyone in the world knew that the greenest grass in the forest leads right to alpha Hughes territory.

Since it was getting fairly dark outside I was feeling very spooked. I could see alpha Hughes castle in the distance meaning I was indeed on his territory right now. I could still hear the men calling out to me and they were close, meaning if I heard them then the men who guard the Castle must have heard them as well.

With a heavy heart beat and panic coursing through me I decided to hide in the bushes that was near the the gates of the castle. I figured hiding was better then standing out in the open for someone to see me. Before I completely made it to the bushes something flew by me. A person. They were going at a murderous speed and headed for the woods.

"Ahhh!" A deep scream echoed around me and I gasped while Holding my hand to my mouth. More loud screams were echoing around me as I pushed myself further into the bushes. The screams were from the men who were chasing me meaning the guards of the castle found them, and killed them. I was terrified because I knew the guards were going to be able to smell my wolf and While I was scared to death, my wolf wasn't. In fact she was fierce and the only reason I stood up to my aunt. She was ready to fight these guards she wasn't a little depressed punk like i was.

After the screaming subsided it was dead silent in the night. The wind suddenly began picking up and a wonderful smell invaded my nose. I peeked through the bushes just to see where the smell was coming from and I saw two people emerging from the woods. It wasn't guards who killed the men, it was a girl and a guy. It was dark so I couldn't really see there faces. Only there dark hair and the fact that they wore black and they were both tall. Especially the guy.

"Wait." The girl paused and quickly glanced around. Her eyes were like scanners, she turned and studied everything around them.

"We are not finished yet." She smirked when her eyes connected with mine. She found me.

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