1 |King Hughes Territory|

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"Don't you ever dare go into those woods you stupid little bitch."
My aunt laughed while sending another strike to my back with her wire.

"I wasn't trying to." I cried out while trying to cover myself the best way I could. I was balled up in the corner of her living room shielding my body the best way I could while she continued to beat me.

What is the reason, you ask?

Well I don't know why my auntie beats me on the regular basis. Maybe it's because her husband left her years ago or maybe it was because when I went outside today my wolf ran a little to close toward the woods  but I didn't mean too, I was just always drawn to it. My aunt always warned me away from the green grass in the woods telling me that it was a trail that lead to a dangerous territory. The territory was belonged to King Hughes and he was the most terrifying alpha in the world and he hated for Wolves to roam on his land, before he died he had two children.-


Another strike was sent to my back which made my eyes flutter. I think she was beating me to the point of exhaustion. To the point where I was bound to pass out. I Couldn't even scream anymore, my body went numb and suddenly I couldn't see or feel anything anymore. I was out.

6 years Later

I peeled my banana while sitting at the dinning room Table of my aunts small little cottage of a house. I was staring out of the window at the alluring woods. It was just her and I that lived here since her husband died when I was like four years old. He use to beat the shit out of her because he was a drunken pig who was always paranoid that my aunt was cheating on him. She probably was, she was a terrible women but nobody deserved to be beaten.

Don't ask about my parents because I don't know who they are or where they are. All I know is that my aunt hated my mother and always reminded me of it.

Anyway after my aunts husband died she went full on crazy and she coped in a insane way. Since her husband use to beat on her she returned the favor by beating on me. I mean she loved to hit me with broom sticks, cut me with knives and beat me with all kind of wires.
Barbed wires, cable wires, any tool you can think of she used to beat me with.

It use to really bother me you know? I use to be so depressed and still am a bit about what she had done to me. It made me feel useless, like I was nothing and didn't belong in the world. She continued to beat me and abuse me until I turned 14 three years ago and got very much fed up. I was sleeping in my bed one day and my aunt burst into my bedroom around 6am in the morning and flicked on the light. She pulled back my blankets and that's when my eyes fluttered open. I just had a dream that her and I were fighting and she had woken me out of it.

Before I could comprehend what was going on she slapped me across the face and that woke me right up.

"You are the reason my husband died you stupid bitch!" Another slap went to my face.

"You had to be mated to that evil son!" She repeated and lifted her foot and kicked me in my mouth. I grabbed my mouth feeling the instant blood that spilled out of it.

I looked across the room and she was still yelling and screaming at me about her husband. I couldn't hear her anymore I only felt the rage and anger pouring out of me. I slowly got out of bed and wiped my mouth with my hand. Blood was all over it and I couldn't hold myself back any longer.

I jumped up and lunged for her, grabbing her by her shoulders and slamming her against my bedroom wall with a strength I didn't think I had. Her blue eyes widened in shocked when she saw my arm rising up and then my fist connected with her eye. Her head flew back into the wall making a big hole  and she screamed and then fell to the floor with a swollen eye.

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