Chapter 3 I Missed You!

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*Chapter 3 2:30 A.M*

"PHOENIX," I screamed. I jumped into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held onto me. I hugged him.

"Hey V,"He chuckled,

"DON'T YOU HEY V ME! YOU TOOK OFF ON THAT MISSION WITHOUT TELLING ME!God You scared the life out of me Nix," I scolded. I buried my face in his neck.

"Sorry V. That mission was a solo. You knew that. Besides our agency now has 12 grand added to it," He smiled.


"You wouldn't hurt me. You love me too much Little one," HE chuckled.

"3 Minutes Nix! 3 FUCKING MINUTES," I pouted. He chuckled and put me down. We walked to the table.

"Give us a little love to boss," Everyone else said.

"All of you go to the gym and give me 5 hours of practice! You went off on a dangerous mission without my consent! I told all of you to leave that mission alone for now and you went ahead anyway! If Nix hadn't shown up in time! Right now all of you would have been dead!," I said. They groaned. Jace, Nick, Ace, Ryder and Hunter laughed.

"You work us hard but we still love you," They said. They walked off. Cody walked in. He threw the clothes to me. I stripped and changed into the Daring Drape Dress and G String Set dress, I put my leg holster on and my gun inside the holster, and I put on white strappy heels.

"Thanks Cody," I smiled. He nodded.

"What's your mission this time? Why are you dressed like that," Phoenix questioned.

"Her mission is to take out Viktor Hale. So to do that she had to go to the nightclub he's in right now," Ace said.

"Also her game plan is in my hands," Tyrell said walking in with Zane behind him with something in his hand.

"How many days to complete it," Phoenix said.

"3 days or less," I said.

"Impossible," Nix said.

"Nix nothing's impossible," I smiled.

"Here's the strongest drink we have. Have Viktor take it. It will take time but when it takes effect. He'll be out like a light. Then kill him," Zane said. I took the drink and gave it to Nix.

"Also Val be careful. Viktor and his brothers can speak in german. If they figure out your mission. They will make a plan and take you out," Ace warned.

"That's what you said about Mafia leader Ray before I took him out," I smiled.

"Be careful," Phoenix said.

"I always am," I said.

"Keys Nix," I said.

"What?" He asked.

"You took all the care keys and bike keys with you so I would drive or ride them because you were scared that I would crash and get hurt. Well I'm healthy and fine. So Keys," I said. He sighed. He pushed another button and another shelf popped out from the wall. He put all the keys back. He grabbed a silver set of keys. Then he gave them to me.

"Here you go," He said.

"We have a problem," Ace said.

"What's that," Phoenix asked.

"We have a mole in here. Also I just checked the nightclub camera's. They brought back up," Ace said.

"Shit!" I cursed.

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