Chapter 1

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Diego's P.O.V

"You are not allowed to leave this house under any circumstances other than school. If you go against my rules one more time, I will personally escort you to an exclusive boot camp for childish boys like you."

I stayed silent as my father kept lecturing me about what I did. My mother was beside him nodding in approval, like the wonderful supporter she was.

My head was still throbbing in pain and my father's angry voice wasn't helping.

I had taken pain pills not too long ago and now I was waiting for them to kick in.

"Is that understood, Diego? Or should I say it one more time for that stupid brain of yours to get it?" my father raised his voice to get my attention.

"I got it." I lazily replied and looked at him to see his hateful glare.

My dad said nothing and left without a goodbye while my mother walked towards me and tried to kiss my forehead, but I pushed her away before she could.

She frowned at my rejection and instead just combed my hair back with her thin fingers.

"Goodnight, my handsome boy." she lovingly told me and walked out of my room.

I rolled my eyes at her obnoxious words and knew there was no love in them. Ever since I was a child she would always rather go out than staying home to take care of me.

The maids downstairs were the ones who raised me and had to do her job as a mother.

Some people might wish for the type of lifestyle I had but they had no clue the living hell they would be wishing for.

I looked over at my empty bed and just felt like sleeping forever in the comfort of my soft blankets.

The mess I made this morning was now cleaned up and no sign of it was left behind. New vases were replaced and now it seemed like nothing was broken in the first place.

I hated it.

I reluctantly went to sleep and woke up the next day to the usual knocking on my door.

The maids always had to wake me up every morning just to make sure I ate breakfast.

I on the other hand think it's just one way to inform them that I was still in the house and didn't runaway during the night.

With tired eyes and a full bladder, I got out of my warm bed and headed for the bathroom.

I was peacefully pooping when suddenly there was more banging on my door.

"Mister Diego, your father is on the phone and wishes to speak to you!" a maid yelled and continued to annoyingly knock.

I couldn't even poop in peace in this stupid house.

"Tell him I'm making him a present!" I yelled to the maid with a smile and started to clean myself.

My dad deserves all the shit in the world.

Once I was done using the bathroom, I decided to piss my dad off even more and took a long hot shower.

He always scolded me for making him wait and stated that his time was valuable and was not going to be wasted on me.

So in reality I was doing him a favor.

After I was nice and clean with nothing else to occupy me with, I stepped outside my bathroom and didn't see the maid anymore.

Even better.

I changed into a simple grey button up shirt and rolled my eyes when I saw another new tuxedo in my closet.

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