Justin Bieber: He cheats

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you and justin have been dating for six months and things are going really well today was his birthday so you decided to surprise him.

you have a key so you decide to just let yourself in. Justin wont be home yet anyway. you walk thorough the hallway but stop when you hear a moan from the living room. you open the door to find Justin lying with a half naked, skinny blonde on top of him.

he continues kissing her until he notices you standing there. "shit! (Y/N)!" you shake your head and tun away running out the door as the tears start to fall from your eyes.

"(Y/N) wait!" you dont stop you just carry on running even though you know full well he is faster than you. "babe wait" this time you stop

"dont fucking call me that Justin! We're so fucking done! I'm done!"

"(Y/N) wait just here me out please."

"no Justin you hear me out. I can put up with all this bullshit anymore! ive heard the rumours. I've seen the way you look at some other girls when you think im not looking but I turned a blind eye, you know why?"

he doesn't say anything

"because I fucking loved you! I loved you Justin. so much so I put up with all the hate and the looks of sympathy I got everywhere I went and for what? huh? ... all for you to go and fucking cheat on me!"

"(Y/N) please just let me explain. I love you."

"bullshit! save it for the next bimbo you decide to date because im done... im so done." you turn to leave only for him to grab hold of your arm.

"let go of me Justin," you say not even bothering to turn around and face him. he does nothing he just stands there holding your wrist. "I said let go Justin!" yanking your arm, you try to pull away but he is too strong and holds his grip on you.

"let me go Justin!" he tightens his grip on you. you start to panit a little and wince in pain. you've never seen him like this before. "Justin let me go your starting to..." his grip tightens even more"oww! Justin let go... Please your hurting me!" you turn and face him to see his face stained with tears. his eys widen slightly when he sees your crying more and looking at your wrist and he lets go.

your other hand immediately grabs the other wrist to feel a warm drop of blood trickle from your wrist. "shit! (Y/N)! im sorry! I didn't... (Y/N)!" you fell to the floor Justin just catching you before you hit the ground...

~To Be Continued ~


Hi guys, im sorry its kinda short but its like 1 but oh well hope you like it :)

should I continue it?

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