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Pen Your Pride

Kingdom Hearts

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It was a sunny day on Destiney Islands, as was any day. I was waiting on my two best friends, Riku and Kairi. Riku was 14, a year older than me. Kairi was my age and she was beautiful. My name is Sora and I am 13 as well as the hero of this story. But I'll get to that later, any way i was laying in the sand enjoying a nice nap. Thats when I heard it.

"Wake up sleepy head!"

Of course I wasn't expecting it so I was taken by surprise.

"AAHH!! Jesus gimmie a break Kairi. You almost gave me a heart attack!"

She giggled. I yawned, stretched my arms, and popped my back. Riku walked up to us.

"Sora, are you day dreaming again?" he tried to hide a laugh, but he was never good at it.

"No! So how's the boat comming along? Are we almost done?"

Oh! Did I forget to mention the three of us built every little structure on this small island. Well we did, and now we're building a boat to get off this island in search of adventure!

"The boats almost done, Sora. We just need a few more things," Riku said.

"LIKE...... Riku you know I can't read minds," I asked.

"We need three coconuts, two logs, a rope, the old blanket in the treehouse, and a seagull egg," Kairi explained.

"Can do!" I chimed as I walked toward the coconut trees. I walked to the center of the island to the patch of coconut trees, looked around for a stick, found one nice and sturdy, and whacked the tree. A coconut fell. Happily, I picked it up and hit two different trees. So I walked back to the boat and tripped. It's a good thing I did because I tripped over a log. One that we needed, too. So I grabbed it as well as I could and walked over to the boat, laid down the supplies and trotted my self over to the treehouse and gathered the rest of the supplies. I brought them over and sat down next to Kiari. She looked at me and handed me something.

"Sora can you fill this water bottle up with fresh water from the spring?" she asked.

"You know I can, ha ha," so I took the bottle and jogged over to this natural spring we had on the island. I filled it up and brought it back to Kairi. We met up with Riku and chilled out for the rest of the day.

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