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It was the same routine like always. I grab my books from the locker and my locker was slammed shut. I felt a breeze as the locker closed. I thought my hands got chopped off so I checked to make sure. SAFE! Thank god. Already knowing who it was I rolled my eyes, and prayed that this wouldn't turn out bad like always.

I turned around and came face to face with Cameron Dallas. The schools popular guy, also known as my bully.

"What do you want Cameron?" I ask in an annoyed tone.

"What I always want. A chance to see you naked in the shower,"

"Yeah that's like never gonna happen,"

I continue walking towards my next class. Which is reading and basically all we have to do is read a book for the class. I'm not complaining I actually like reading which is weird for someone like me. Whenever someone sees me reading a book they have a shocked expression on their face like a person can't enjoy a book. Which is weird to me everyone should enjoy something without getting judged.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts by Cameron. Why can't he just disappear out of my life forever.

I was about to walk inside my class when my wrist was yanked back.

"What are you doing?" I said in the most angriest tone ever.

"Why are you ignoring me?" He asked harshly.

"Because your annoying,"

"You're stubborn,"

"You're childish,"

"You're a bitch,"

"And you're a dick," I said lastly.

He stopped talking after that.

"You know what I like about you?" He asked me.

"For a second I didn't even think you liked me," I said with a smirk.

"Just shut the fuck up an listen,"

I rolled my eyes after his stupid and rude comment.

"Do you know what I like about you?" he repeated.

"No tell me," I said annoyed with this conversation. I was already late for class and I didn't feel like having my teacher question me.

"You stick up for yourself," he said.

"What am I supposed to do let you bully me, everyday?"

"Most people would,"

"Well I'm not like everyone Cameron. But anyways I'm late for class," I said, rolled my eyes while yanking my wrist away from his grip, and walked inside my reading class.


It was lunch time so I was walking inside the lunchroom. I don't really eat the lunch at school I mostly just eat a apple and once school is finished I order a pizza and eat it at my house. Which is satisfying to me.

As I was walking towards the lunch line to grab a coke and a apple someone bumped into me, and all of their lunch food spilled on my clothes.

I opened my eyes wide and looked up at the person who did it. It was Shelby, the schools slut, every guy loves her they look at her like she's a chocolate cupcake. Her face is always caked up, and she makes me sick to my stomach at times.

"What was that for!?" I yelled at her.

"For talking to my man!" She yelled back at me.

Oh did I forget to mention Shelby is dating Cameron? She thinks he has a huge crush on me but we all know he just likes torturing me.

"I don't like your 'man,' " I say putting up my two fingers and quoting the word man. He is defiantly not a man if anything he is a childish little boy.

"Oh we all know your in love with him," she says, she walks over towards me and smears all of the food on my shirt.

I get fed up with all of her childish bullshit. No wonder Cameron likes her they are perfect with each other. I push Shelby to the floor and she tries tackle me but I pull her hair and start to yank it. She punched me in the stomach so I sit up, grab her hair, and yank it. I drag her across the floor. You can hear yelling in the background and people telling me to stop. But I don't care.

Someone dragged me off of her and I can tell its my best friend Matt. I look up and see Cameron holding Shelby while she cries to Cameron about how a 'horrible person,' I am.

Yes maybe I am horrible for hurting her, but HEY! She started it she should've never put her hands on me. Paybacks a bitch and she got everything that was coming for her.

Maybe she deserved worse but I couldn't get to that yet because Matt dragged me off of her. I get out of matts hold, grabbed my book bag and walked out of the lunch room. Luckily today's a half day so school was over.

I walk home and thank the lord when I see my house in sight.

I place my book bag on the floor, slip my shoes off, plop myself on the couch and take a quick nap.

Fuck homework.


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