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Info:She is a jonin and she just married neji and they are on their honeymoon

Sorry if this lemon sucks its my first time writing one

*Yuko POV*

Neji gently kisses my neck as he opens the door. He spins me around so his chest was pressed against my back. I looked around the room it was beautiful. The bed was neatly made with clean white sheets with a duvet with the hyuuga clan symbol all over it. There was a whole wall of windows showing a beautiful lake with a view of sakura blossoms spread on the ground. My face flushes as I feel neji's breath against my neck. I feel his hands go to the tie holding my kimoto fall. I let the kimoto slide down my body to the floor. Neji's kisses me passionately leading me to the bed. I get on the bed and neji crawls on top of me.

My hands go down his body to the tie holding his kimoto and untie it. It is thrown with mine somewhere in the room. Neji's kisses down my neck to my cleavage and his arms go around my back to unhook my bra. I blush as he throws it somewhere. His mouth sucks on one of my erect buds and his hand gently massages the other one.

"Neji" I moan out softly. I feel him smirk against my breast as he switches giving the other one the same treatment. He starts trailing kisses down my stomach until he reaches my panties. He peels the off tossing them somewhere.

"You're already so wet Yuko" he says smirking wildly. I blush bright red. He plunges his tounge inside of my throbbing core. I moan loudly as he keeps trusting his tounge in and out. "I'm gonna cum" I moan out. He moves away as I whimper.

Neji takes of his boxers to reveal a huge erect member when I saw it my eyes widen. This causes him to smirk. He puts the tip against my entrance.

"Are you ready" he whispers huskly. I nod. He pushes his member all the way in I whimper from the pain and a few tears fall. Neji wipes away the tears gently kissing you all over. The pain started to fade to pleasure. I moaned to let him know to start moving. He starts to thrust as he grabs my legs wrapping them around his waist.

"Ahhh, N-Neji, Faster, Harder" I moaned out. He starts to go hard and faster making the bed rock with every thrust.

"Ughhh Neji I'm gonna cum" I shout out of pleasure as I feel a coil building up.

"Cum with me " he groans out. He thrusts harder hitting a spot causing me to scream with pleasure.

"Neji" I scream with pure pleasure as the coil bursts cumming on him. He thrusts faster until he climaxed as well filling me up with his seed. He pulls out and lays next to me. He pulls me into his arms as my head rests on his chest.he pulled the duvet over us.

"I love you Yuko"

"I love you too"

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