Once Upon A Bloody Crown Chapter 10

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After turning a few corners and hearing some girlish screams, I found them talking and saw Blake forcefully pushed Brianna away from her. No matter how much I didn’t want to catch Brianna, I did it for the sake of getting Blake jealous. 

“Oh Jacey, Blake is being horrible to me and calling me a-”

“Oh please, enough with the lies. I’m leaving,” and then she turned around and left. A dark shadow cast by so quickly that I almost missed it completely. 

“Blake! Wait!” I quickly got Brianna back on her feet so I could run after her but Brianna started pulling me back.

“Where do you think you’re going?! She said she doesn’t want to be with us, so why can’t  you just leave her and we’ll go to the movies?” she pouted, leading me towards the cinema.   

“Let go Brianna, you should know I’m not here for you.” We were hidden in a corner that led to the toilets so no one could see us.

“What? You’re here for that imperfect, good-for-nothi-”

“Enough. You knew for a fact that I will never date you again, Brianna. And this was just to get her jealous and annoyed, and you agreed to it knowing it was nothing more than fake.”

“What about me then Jace? So I mean nothing to you?! After all that time we spent together now? Surely you still must love me deep down? Even the time before summ-”

“My feelings for you never felt real and they never will. I’m ending our so-call-dating, go and find some oth-” her hand struck across my face before I could finish. The rage that coursed deep within my veins burst out of me, making my eyes turn a coal-black and into my true form. With one hand I smashed her into the wall making her cringe in fear and pain.

“Do you know the punishment for disobeying a ‘Royal-blood’?” I hissed in her ear.

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, you’re only half,” I could see her weak smirk before I moved her face to one side and dug my fangs deep into her neck. Drinking her blood was the most disgusting taste I ever had and it started to burn my throat. Instinctively I stumbled backed away from her, feeling my body slowly growing weaker. 

“You didn’t think I was stupid enough to not protect myself from you, right?” She answered my unspoken question and gave a dark giggle as I sat slumped against the opposite wall with my hands clutching my neck feeling it burn. “Of course when you brought Blake into the topic of us dating I knew I had to drink a potion to that will slowly poison my attacker if I ever got in danger and look now; it came in handy after all.” She sunk down to level with me, “you said you were going to make me Queen, do you remember? You said you’ll love me forever, do you remember that? You said I was the one. Ha! Total lies, right? You were going to marry that spoilt brat! And throw me away like some used toy!”

“You knew fine well we only dated because it helped get our reputation up in school. Sure it was fun at the beginning but then it started getting seriously and now that I think about it, I had no idea what made me become such an idiot to think I was going to marry you.” I could feel my energy starting to drain away little by little. I need to find an antidote, fast.

“Is everything okay?” A security guard peered around the corner. “If you kids want to get imitate, please leave. This is a public area,” he saw Brianna looming over my lap and quickly shooed us out from the hidden corridor.     

I have to find Blake. 

“You don’t realise what you’ve lost! Jace! I will always be the best thing you’ve ever had!” Brianna yelled over making everyone around us stare at me intently.

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