Chapter 19 - Brains

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A voice rang out:

"Oh, bravo on your secret weapon. But we want it, and it wants us. It needs us, it craves us. I supposed you could even say it 'brains' us. You have 48 hours to hand it over, or we kill you all."

The buzzing stopped. Everyone looked around, dazed. Apart from me.

Still clutching my ears, and with my eyes clenched shut, I dropped to my knees, and fell onto my side, fainting from the pain racing around my nerves through my entire body.

My entire body, hands, feet, heart, head... brain.


AUTHORS NOTE: "I'm just gonna switch it up a bit, and add in another POV, for the sake of the storyline, so bear with me here. Thanks!"


The pain was unbearable. Waves of it jolting through my body, like electricity, like blood.

I was writhing on the floor, frothing blood at the mouth. I could feel my mind slipping away, slipping, slipping... And I slipped into unconsciousness.


Saul's POV

Ok, seriously man, what the fuck?! And I hardly ever swear. But this is... this is something else. Something is seriously not right. Something, something...

Something in the way she moves,

Attracts me like no other lover.

Something in the way she woos me...

No. This is not the time for 'The Beatles'. Possibly later. And a bit of 'Guns 'N Roses'. But I'm getting off track. No, this is bad. Very bad. I think. I'm not quite sure because honestly I've never been in this kind of situation before. Maybe it's an American thing.

Maybe if I delve into myy mind I can find some wise quote that shall help me during this frightening(ly idiotic) time. Ah, maybe...

"I ate a big red candle." ~ Brick Tamland

Wait, no, that doesn't really help.

But I don't have to think. Someone else does that for me.

"No prize for guessing who the weapon is then?" stated Dan. Yes, he stated a question. That is grammatically correct due to the fact that the question is rhetorical. But there was some strange anger in his tone, like he hated Liam for something. "Well are we handing him over?"

"No." I say. I'm not sure where I found the courage from, but I'm saying it anyway. Liam is and always has been one of my best ever friends. I met him on the day he was born, so I know that I'll always be his best friend.

"Well we can't have him here, or the zombies are gonna kill us! And I think that one life is less significant than the rest of us." Dan was starting to go into a rage, for some completely unknown reason.

"Dan, I'm not sure..." started Becca, but Helen cut her off.

"I agree, he has to go." she said coldly.

"Why are you two so angry at him? What did he ever do to you?!" I was exasperated now. This was absolutely stupid.

"Since he came here, we've had so many more zombies. He, like, draws them in." said Helen.

"Like some strange magnetic field." added Dan.

"Well since you haven't noticed that we are now in a freaking zombie apocalypse, There are zombies because of all of the dead and infected people!" shouted Becca. It look like she was taking my side. Libby came to stand by my side, glaring at Dan.

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