Oh. My. Gosh.

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We walked out the door with my mom holding my hand. She hailed a taxi and she said "East Coast Apartment Complex please!" "Ok ma'm" said the taxi driver. He drove so terrible I thought I was going to crash! Tiffany held onto me and she said "I have to ask- are you a fan of my YouTube account?" "Of course" I shout "Yes! Oh my gosh, I was blown away when I was adopted by you!" She nodded. "And I'm guessing you play Minecraft?" Tiffany questioned. "Yes, I'm 'cookiegirl54'" I replied. "Cool! Maybe I can do some videos with you!" She added. I was blown away. I'd do a video with the ihascupquake! I kept my cool and replied "Sure!" We soon arrived at her apartment. I was shocked how big it was! My mom said "Mario you show her her bedroom? I'm late for my Super Oasis Sunday video. Ok?" He answered "Ok" and led me to a purple bedroom with a full bed, dresser, night stand, desk and a walk-in closet. I looked into the closet. It was full of cute clothes. I looked around. My bedroom was 4 times bigger than the one at the orphanage and was so... me! I unpacked quickly and I walked out to see my new mom talking to herself aka recording. She looked over. "Ah! I adopted a 11 year old girl from the orphanage today. Taylor, come over here!" She said to her computer then me. I was full with joy and walked over and saw her recording her Super Oasis Sunday episode. "Hi! Mom, maybe we can make it a special Super Oasis Sunday and I get to be in it too!" I suggested. "OMG that's a great idea! I'll open it to LAN and get on, ok?" She agreed. I ran to my computer and started it up. I got on a Skype call with my mom and then turned on my face cam for them to see too. I got on, and saw it all for myself. Trust me, it's a million times better to see for yourself! It's was like a dream!

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