9. And They Met Again

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Chapter 19

And They Met Again....

And They Met Again

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Ibraheem's POV

"Hussain said you are perfectly fine and nothing is wrong with you, he said you listen everything and feel all of us around you but you never response because you don't want to" I heard Gul stating.

"Waleed had been telling me, assuring me this but I always thought he was comforting me being a doctor he was giving me hope"

"trust me Ibraheem! if this is true and if you are actually listening to me then you better listen carefully... apne hathon se maar daloon gi tumhen agar ye sab sach hua, itne sarey din, ratein ye saal maheeney mein ne kis terha guzarey hen ye bus mein he janti hoon"

"Saley! Teri waja se shadi ruki hui hea meri... tu nai ho ga meri barat per to kon mujhey doli mein bethae ga? Kon sari umer mera dihan rakhney ka boley ga Waleed ko? Kon karey ga meri shadi ki itni sari shopping?"

My heart slowly dropping down to my stomach as she spoke, I could feel the moisture in her words the pain was so audible to my ears.

"if not for me at least get up for your mother Ibraheem! Aunty hasn't even smiled once in all these years, unki zindagi mein tum he to ho bus and just because of a girl, just because of your idiot love you can not do this to her, to all of us" her voice shook a little.

"Hussain has promised to bring your happiness, your life back... mager pata nai q mera dil buhat ghabra raha hea jab se wo Pakistan gaya hea" she said almost to herself and my heart beat accelerated inside my chest...

Hussain... Pakistan?

Uth ja yar! Maaf ker dey... galey laga le

Meri ghalti ki saza tujhey kun de raha hea Allah?

Mein laoon ga teri khushiyan wapas... mein laoon ga tere liye maafi Tehreem se.

Its too late Hussain! its too late already. I can not get any happiness, neither peace nor forgiveness. And you were wrong, it wasn't you but me; only if I didn't betray you today things were different.. tum aj Tehreem k sath hotey or Tehreem is haal mein na hoti.

Her her aansoo ka jawab dena hea mujhey us k.

You can not bring forgiveness for me Hussain! its too late now. Sab khatam ho gaya hea...mein bhi khatam ho jana chahta hoon, mit jana chahta hoon, per aesa lagta hea jesey Allah bhi mujhy apney pas bulana nai chahta, jesey Wo bhi mujh se nafrat kerta hea.

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