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~ Sky without stars like me without you .
You are not worthless, you are special , i'm sorry for these bad words and .. You know who i am :)..~

I .. I .. Have no words. Is he really likes me that much ?
Is it Jin ??? Is it my teacher ? o.O
What if this person is a girl.. ?

Ughh.. Why he or she can't just tell me ? is he or she shy ?

"Omg jimin ! i think i know who wrote these letters !"  my eyes wen wide . I wanted to scream 'really?' but Junkook shouted . "No you don't !" he was so panicked. Is he trying to hide his friend who likes me ? or maybe ... Omg.. No.. It's just my imagination .

"I do .. " Jin replied. "No.." he stared at the floor. "Hey, guys.. Stop.. " i told them .
"Jungkook .. Come here.. We need to talk " Jungkook was so shy and nervous . "It's okay , don't be afraid " he nodded. "Are you hiding your friend ?" he stared at me dumbfounded. "What?"
"Well.. Are you hiding your friend .. That one who wrote these letters . " he looked away. "Don't worry, i won't tell him.. Trust me" i said and he smiled . "Jiminie , you are not worthless, you are not Nerd you are special."
I was shocked .  "W-what ? " 
"Jk is Jungkook " He said looking away . "I'm sorry" He said .. "For what ? " Now ..I'm totally confused. "For this ..." he placed his hands on my cheeks and leaned to kiss my lips. I kissed him back. I felt butterflies flying in my stomach .
That's why he acted so weird .

Jungkook looked at my eyes. His cheeks were lightly pink . "So. You.. are Jk.. " I was still confused. "Yeah.. " he looked away . "Hey, Kookie .." His eyes were wide . "I like you " i said . He was so happy. He even hugged me . "I Love you, Jiminie "  we were hugging each other for about 5 minutes .
I was so happy .
It's like a dream ..

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