Chapter 47

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At a first glance, we thought that the old woman sitting in the driver’s seat of the car was my grandmother. However upon closer inspection we were able to determine that it was not. It was probably the fact that we were drunk, but for a moment we were truly horrified.

Noticing that none of us were in a particular state to answer her, and probably feeling a little frightened by us, she quickly drove away from us.

Matt almost immediately wrapped his arms around me again. “Th- th- that was close” he stammered in my ear, breathing softly onto my neck. “I thought we’d been caught for a second.”

I smiled at him as we continued to walk back to Midge’s place, although I couldn’t really remember much else happening. Well, maybe except for my friends stopping every now and then to throw up or staggering off the sidewalk every few metres.

Once we had gotten back to Midge’s, things hadn’t got much better. I felt ill myself, and while I never threw up I felt very close to the edge most of the night. Well, most of the night before I had gone into Midges bed with Matt.

And that was how I woke up that morning. My face was buried into Midge’s pillow and I could feel my head begin to pulse almost immediately after sitting up. Although completely covered by the blanket, I still felt a shiver of coldness go up my spine. I was definitely hung over – no denying that.

I shuddered at the thought of what I had done last night without thinking or remembering. And then, looking over to the corner, I nearly collapsed in horror.

I had been fully aware upon waking that someone was in the bed next to me, but I hadn’t really noticed who it was. But as I saw the pile of clothes in the corner of Midge’s room, I turned in horror, realising that Matt and I were together, in our underwear.

Knowing what we had most likely done, I began to furiously shake him, compelling to wake up quickly. No doubt he would be just as hung over as I was, I didn’t really care. If anything he would wake faster.

It was also pretty embarrassing that if we had done anything, we would have done it in my friends bed.

“Matt!” I shouted, shaking him faster. “Seriously Matt oh my God wake up already!”

As I began to panic, Matt began to stir.

“Mmm what’s wrong?” he asked as he turned around to me, smiling. He certainly seemed happy. I, on the other hand, was mortified beyond belief.

“Matt did we have sex?” I blurted out in a blind panic, shaking and making it clear that I hoped to God we hadn’t.

Sitting up and rubbing his forehead, Matt outstretched an arm and pulled me over and closer to him on the bed. “Charlotte,” he soothed. “Calm down. We didn’t do anything.”

I looked at him, still a little fearful, as I started to calm down very slightly.

“Well, then why are our clothes over there on the floor?” I shook, pointing to the corner and holding back my tears.

It wasn’t that I was pissed off with the concept; it was that I didn’t want to be under these circumstances. Not being able to remember, and being in my friends bed made it somewhat strange.

“Charlotte…” he whispered soothingly, tightening his grip around me. “Honestly, don’t worry. We didn’t go that far.”

“That far?!” I exclaimed, pulling away from him. I was beginning to worry. “What do you mean by that?” He tried to grab me again, but I had moved over to the other side of the bed, becoming aware of his stare and somewhat self-conscious.

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