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**A/N: This story will have the same setup as the original, just added on. There's oging to be longer chapters and more Zouis tension! This was inspired by the song "I'm Just Your Problem" from Adventure Time. I have no rights to the song or to the boys or their names, only to this story! I hope you like this version more than the last! This prologue is a little bit of a back story, which I left out in the original! Ohh, and none of the boys have any siblings in this story, except the whole Zayn and Liam thing. They are all also the same age!**

The trees rushed by in a green and brown haze as our car zoomed by. I couldn't help but stare out the window as the boxes rumbled behind me in the open spaced trunk. There was always something fascinating about moving to a new place. I was a little bummed about not being able to see my old friends anymore but my parents assured me that I would make new ones.

My name is Zayn Malik, I'm thirteen years old. I think what made matters iffy for me about this move was that it was my final year of middle school and my father had to get a new job here in the city. I was afraid that I wasn't going to make any friends, despite my mum's words. Though this place was more beautiful than the last, which meant I had more things to draw. That was the only bright side.

"We're here Zayn." My mum cooed. I quickly glanced up, not even realizing that my gaze fell to the ground and saw that there was indeed an amazing two story house in front of us. I looked down at the brown haired boy who was stretched out with his head on my leg. I patted his cheek lightly and his brown eyes flew open. He almost hit me in the head as he flew up and looked around with frantic wide eyes.

"Calm down LiLi, we're here. Time to wake up." I whispered softly.

Liam stretched out, rubbing his eyes and rubbing the drool off of his face as his eyes adjusted to the area around him. "Ohh Zee, how long was I asleep?"

"About two hours." I said as my mum parked the car behind one of dad's moving trucks. "First come, first pick!" I screamed, unbuckling my seat belt. Liam quickly did the same and we both ran out the car before my mum could fully park it. My dad was in the yard, looking through some box as we ran past him into the house. We raced up the shiny wooden staircase and up to the second floor.

Liam pushed me against the wall and ran ahead. I got myself together and ran forward, lunging out and grabbing his leg, sending us both to the ground. "Lemme go Zaynie!" He cried out.

"Not a chance Leeyum!" I yelled through gritted teeth. We rolled about on the floor as we fought, trying to get out of each other's hold and pick the room opposite of the morning sun. Liam was a lot stronger than I was with all the fighting classes he took. He rolled on top of me, pinned me down and kissed me forehead, making me gag in disgust as he took off to the room. He closed the door and locked it and O ran up to it and banged on it.

"That's not fair LiLi! You kissed me!"

"You're just mad you didn't think of it!" He laughed from behind the door. I groaned because he was right. I was way too slow, which cost me. I turned and went towards the brightest room in the house, slightly bothered by the bright sun that wasn't going to give me any rest at all.

I walked over to the window, looking down at the rest of the yard. That's when I saw him. There was a brown haired boy about my size who was staring over the hedges over at yard. I smiled and ran down the stairs, going straight to the hedges and peeking over it.

"Hi!" I said excitedly, making the boy jump back. He looked at me with these sea green eyes, a smile on his face at me. His brown hair was sticking up in a messy fashion as he moved to be directly across from me.

"Louis Tomlinson, nice to meet you neighbor!"

"I'm Zayn Malik!"

"Want to be friends?" He asked, his smile growing again.

"Yeah, lets be friends!" I said. He jumped down and I saw the top of his head bouncing up and down as he ran over around the hedges and came to me. I dropped down and smiled as he poked me.

"Tag you're it!" He screamed, running off.

"Hey! No fair!" I yelled, running after him. He was fast, like a little fairy sprinting across the field. My father smiled as we ran around the boxes, expertly not hitting him. I jumped on Louis' back and we fell to the ground. He was laughing as I started to tickle him. "You're it!" I yelled, running off into the house.

He kept following, running into the house as well, straight up the stairs as I locked myself in the room. He was banging on the door, I couldn't stop laughing.

"Hey, who are you?" Liam asked.

"I'm Zayn's friend Louis!"

"No fair! I want a friend too!" Liam cried out.

I opened the door and glared at Louis. "Find your own friend. Louis is mines!" I yelled out, pulling Louis into my room and closing the door. Louis laughed as he fell on the floor, stretching out on the carpet. "Shouldn't your papa unload the bedrooms first?" Louis asked.

I shrugged, slowly annoyed with the fact that there wasn't a bed to lay on it. "So are you going to school with me?" Louis asked.

"I don't know, probably." I whispered.

"Cool, wake me up in a bit." Louis said, stretching out.

"You wake me up in a bit." I told him, stretching out beside him. We laid on our sides facing each other and I smiled softly. "I think we're going to be best friends Louis."

"Yeah, inseparable. They'll call Yeah, we'll be Zouis. Total bad ass right?"

"Yeah, we will rule the school. We'll talk about how when we wake up!" Louis said quietly as he closed his eyes.

I stared at those long brown lashes on that soft tanned face. I moved in closer and laid a finger on top of his open palm. He flexed his fingers a bit but eventually grasped my hand and closed his around it.

It felt so warm as my stomach caught the willies. It felt so right as I blushed lightly and closed my eyes to fall asleep, holding Louis' hand.

**A?N: This is on purpose, though I usually don't do feelings right at the beginning. There was some young Zouis moments as I just showed. They had a connection right from the start. The question is...what happened?**

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