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Luciana's POV

I sighed into the comforter on my bed, my body sprawled across the queen-sized mattress as I was listening to The 1975. School was coming to an end with only four days left, it had been a couple of days since I had seen Mr. Styles.

I rolled over so I was lying down on my back, looking up at the white ceiling. I was currently home alone, as my parents were at work. I groaned once my stomach made a grumbling noise, telling me that I needed to eat. I crawled off my bed and to the wood floor, grabbing onto the night stand beside my bed before slowly getting up. I took my ear-buds out and placed my phone on my bed, walking out of my room and down the stairs.

Once I got into the kitchen I automatically raided the fridge and cabinets, in search for food. I gasped in happiness when I saw a box of cookies, instantly grabbing a hold of it and tearing the cardboard flap open, then ripping the plastic that was over the cookies. I dug my hand in the box, pulling out a chocolate-chip cookie and stuffing it into my mouth, sighing in delight at the heavenly taste.

I went over to the TV, turning it on and going onto MTV music, dancing around with cookies in my hand.

"Work, work, work, work, work, work, something something, work, work, work, work, work, work." I sang, laughing at my lack of knowledge for the words to the song that was playing. I flipped my hair around, jumping up and down and playfully shaking my butt to the beat.

I collapsed on the sofa after dancing and singing for over thirty minutes, breathing heavily like I just ran a marathon. I giggled at my behavior, digging my hand into the cookie box and frowning once I feel nothing. I turn the box upside down, shaking it and seeing a few crumbs fall out.

"No! Why!" I whine, throwing the box down to the floor. I furrowed my brows, hearing the door bell go off with a loud knock.

I slowly got up from the couch, knowing it couldn't be my parents as they weren't coming home till 6'o clock. I eyed the door warily, quickly running over to the closet and grabbing my brothers old base-ball bat, lifting it up high over my shoulder. I tip toed to the front door, resting the bat over my shoulder with one hand and unlocking the door with the other. I swing it open fast, holding onto the bat with two hands and screaming at the intruder.

"What the fuck!" I hear a low, familiar British accent yell. I look up at Harry, seeing him stepping away from me as I was about to hit him.

"Oh.. Oopsies." I giggle, bringing the bat down to my side and lightly swinging it side to side.

"Hey Harry." I say softly, wondering why in the world he was on my front porch.

"Hello Luciana, uh, why do you have a base-ball bat?" He asks, gesturing down to the weapon I was about to use on him.

"I thought you were an intruder or something.." I trail off, placing the bat down against the wall.

"So, what are you doing here?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. He takes his hands out of the pockets of his black skinny jeans, running one of his hands through his soft looking, curly locks of hair.

"Well, your parents wanted me to check up on you, as they are going to be working later than usual." He replies, looking down at me.

"Oh, well... I'm alive and I plan on staying that way, so goodbye." I rush out, about to slam the door in his face but fail to do so as he grabs hold of it, his strength over taking mine.

"What now?" I grumble, thinking about how in this time I could be watching the lasted episode of 'The Vampire Diaries'.

"Well," He starts, pushing the door open wider and stepping in, brushing past me and walking through the front room. "I'll be going in a few, just need to check that you didn't set a fire or something. You mother told me how that one time you wanted ice-cream but it was too frozen so you got a spoon and put it in the microwave-"

"I was seven, shut up." I cut in, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Still, you nearly burnt the house down." He chuckles, walking down the long hallway and to the kitchen as I follow behind him. Harry looks around, making sure I hadn't set any fires.

"Good, no fires." He murmurs, grinning a little. I roll my eyes, walking out of the kitchen and to the living room, frowning once I see the empty cookie box on the floor with a few crumbs scattered around it. I bend down, picking up the box and hearing a groan as I do so.

What the fuck was that? I think to myself, turning around and seeing Harry. I awkwardly smile, collecting the crumbs in a pile and trying to pick them up. Once I get all the cookie crumbs in my hand, I stand back up, brushing past Harry and going into the kitchen, throwing the crumbs away. I run my hands together, sighing in sadness as my stomach grumbles yet again.

"Are you hungry?" Harry's voice startles me as I quickly turn around.

"Uh, yeah.." I laugh a little, pulling a face as my stomach grumbles again, making Harry chuckle.

"I can go take you out to lunch, if you'd like?" He suggests, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, please I'm dying, I feel like I'm gonna vomit from lack of food." I said, nodding my head and looking down at my attire, scrunching my face up.

"Just let me get dressed, I'll be down in like, a second." I quickly say before running up the stairs and to my room. I slip on the sixth step, grabbing onto the railing, a yelp escaping my lips.

"Holy shit." I mutter, pulling my body back up and hearing Harry's laughter. I look to the side, seeing him hold a hand to his mouth as he cackles. I flip him off, mumbling profanities under my breath and trudging up the stairs.

"Are you okay?" I hear Harry shout as I near my bedroom door, I ignore him with a giggle walking into my room.

"Now, what shall I wear?" I murmur to myself, going over to my closet and walking inside. I grab a pair of black, skinny jeans that have a few rips, along with a white top, not really caring all to much. I quickly strip out of my clothes and put on the other ones. I then grab my Original Adidas shoes, slipping them on my feet.

I bend over, collecting all of my thick, brown hair and pulling it into a messy bun. Grabbing my phone, I head out of my room and down the stairs, making sure not to slip over again.

I look towards the front door, seeing Harry looking down at his phone. He looks up once he hears me, his eyes scanning over me for a split second.

"Ready?" He asks, slipping his phone into his back pocket.


I hope you guys are enjoying this so far, I'm trying to add a little more story into it and not rush it.

Love you babes 💕

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