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♪ Chapter 11 ♪

There was a break out session after knowing our teams. Some took the chance the chance to get close and personal with the coaches, if that’s how it looks like. I think it’s more of stripping the lads with their bare lustful eyes. While they do so, I snuck away—I told you, I’m not good with people.

Wandering the large boot camp, I turn my head from side to side looking for something interesting. I spotted a vending machine and as if on cue, I felt like I need some soda. I paced to it casually. I deposited a dollar and pressed my desired item. Patiently waiting, I watched my soda drop. But stupid as it is, it got stuck in the middle!

Way to lighten my mood. Note sarcasm. I pounded it lightly but it seemed to have caught a strong hold. Sighing, I rocked it slowly but still no water. That’s when I lose patience and slammed my shoulder on the vending machine. Ow!

I groaned. Suddenly I heard a foot hard kicking the bottom of the machine. Effectively my bottle of soda moved and dropped. I squealed happily, picking it up and prying it open. I took a quick swig and felt the liquid run down my throat. Oh wait! If I didn’t kick the machine to have my soda drop, then… shit!

“You’re so welcome” then there he is. Leaning against the machine, arms folded around his chest. His smirk was visible as stared at me, who still has the soda between my lips. I swallowed hard, as my mouth ran dry despite of just wetting it with liquid.

“Za-zaynn..” I managed to say in a stutter. “Uhh, thanks” I bit my lip.

“Hi” he stood smirking, adjust his black jacket. I bet he was quite pleased with my impassive reaction for he chuckled lightly, running his hand through his hair every now and then. I swear it felt like a frost bite. I never knew how to act around people regularly, how much more with a popstar?!

Now, his eyes roam up and down me, as he shamelessly checked me out. I knew I shouldn’t have worn these jean shorts! Fuck he’s checking my fat ass out! Biting his lower lip on the process, his smirk curved upwards even more.

“So, we’d be hanging out more. You’re on my team” he said innocently.

“Yeah… I-I.. uhh” I stuttered. Do something. Do something. Do something. Think!

“Hey Zayn look!” I pointed at something behind him. Confused, he quickly looked back. I then ran fast as I could to the opposite hallway. Stupid first meeting. I take a turn, swiftly and lifted my legs as well as I could. Thinking that I just talked to a considered hunk, my reaction fell like I just seen a ghost. I suddenly slammed into somebody’s chest.

“Woa..Alex?” the accent roared.

“NIALL!” I jumped, hugging him. He was startled at first, but he hugged me back laughing at my sudden reaction.

“What’s wrong?” he inquired, eyes gleaming.

“No-nothing” I lied. “Just so glad to have someone I feel comfortable with! Everyone’s scaring me” I bit my lip pulling away from Niall.

“That’s alright, you’ll get used to it!” he cheered me up. His smile is just so contagious, but I dropped my smile.

“I’ll not get used to it if I’ll get eliminated tomorrow. Which I am” I looked down, making my shoes seem interesting. Niall blew a sigh, tilting my chin up to meet my eyes.

“I guess we need to go through this talk again, do we?” I shook my head. “Good. So just do something cool and I bet you’ll kick ass, okay?”

“Thanks” I muttered.

Gradually, Zayn interrupted, slightly jogging and running out of breath.

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