this is a KAT MCNAMARA fanfiction, NOT CLARY FAIRCHILD. YES, KAT is still famous and she's still playing the part of CLARY on SHADOWHUNTERS. LIAM ASHCROFT is NOT famous, in any way. this story is connected to three of my other stories, the ones called KIK (matt), TEXTING (alberto), and ONLINE (em).

LIAM ASHCROFT, MONIQUE MCNABB and KORY PIETERSE all belong to me, their plot and their characters is something i spent my time on to create, so please, DO NOT copy or steal them. i know that the plot of a social media story is quite common, but this story does belong to me and everything i have written for this story comes straight out of my brain, if not said otherwise.

oh, and i don't own the cast of SHADOWHUNTERS, i wish i did, but i don't.

gregg sulkin as liam ashcroft
katie stevens as monique mcnabb
noah centineo as kory pieterse

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