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My world had stopped, but I didn't bother making it work. I liked it better this way. It reminded me of how cruel I was, that I was the one who had killed the one who had loved me, the only one who had ever loved me.

They had now constructed a bench or two on this hill, maybe for the people who wished to admire the scenic beauty of this place. The hill stood in front of another, a river and a waterfall that made the beauty of this place even more. Back then, I would love this place, but now, all this place held for me was grief and anxiety.

The events of the past replayed in my mind, making it hallucinate. I could see Him coming towards me, with a big smile on his face, but then he turned and went to fall off the massive rock. I closed my eyes, not being able to keep them open, and I even didn't have any reason to do so.


"You, you bitch!" Greg screamed, pointing a finger at me. I had never heard him say those words, and nor did I intent to do so.

"Everything, all of this is because of you! You're so selfish! Do you even know that!? I loved you, and I regret it, I do it so fucking much! Do you even get that?! You!" He again pointed a finger at me, and continued, "Because the mistake of loving you, my life turned to hell. Like a goddamned living hell. I regret it so much. So fuckimg much!" He took a step behind, moving dangerously close towards the edge of the perilious rock. "No one will ever love you, you bitch! You don't deserve to be loved! I wish no one ever makes the mistake of ever loving you! Because if they did, they would be fucked up like me! I hate you Tay, I hate you so fucking much!" And with that, I closed my eyes. He was maybe there, maybe not. I couldn't dare to open my eyes. I didn't want this to be his last words. I had loved Greg, I still loved him, but what he had done to me, was not, absolutely not accepted in the books of love, it needed to be revealed.

*Flashback ends*

I couldn't think about it anymore, I didn't want to go towards into that time again, only to crumble down the walls that had taken years for me to build.

I got up and sat into my car, the sun's rays making the black object shine, as if it had been painted newly. It only reminded me of what had done in my life, nothing.

The cruise was approaching and I had to do something about what had happened today before we were onboard. I had my plan ready in my mind, I just needed the breadcrumbs to guide the children to the goddamned witch's House of Candy.

And, the one who would put those breadcrumbs in their way was Harry.


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