Chapter X- Failure

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Ahsoka watched Darth Bane disappear into a thick, white mist.

The next thing she knew was that her master was once again crashing onto the floor screaming, then he was taken over by an unknown wave of unconsciousness. She knew she definitely heard Obi-Wan shout something towards Darth Banes tomb, but Ahsoka's head became fuzzy and her vision became blurred.

The sudden urge to fall asleep started to take shape and staying awake became more of a distant dream. The feeling of tiredness consumed her and she was left confused as to why she was experiencing it, yet she simply left the oblivion take her, to weak to question it.

The oblivion washed over her quickly. The second she hit the ground she was unconscious and dove into the empty silence. All that she could hear was her own beating heart.




Her heart began to beat faster as muffled voices could be heard. A blinding white light covered her vision and soon disappeared, leaving her confused and startled at the scene in front of her. She was back at the Jedi temple on Corusant -the council chambers to be exact. It was a place she had been a few times whenever she or her master had ever disobeyed an order or done something reckless (which as often).

She looked around the room and no one was there. Non of the council members were sitting in their usual seats, nor was anyone—but herself—standing as well. Even though she couldn't see anyone, strangely enough, Ahsoka could hear voices. Angry voices. Voices that were yelling at her. It was only one voice in particular, but it was duplicated multiple times over and over again, to make it sound like many. Other things were being said, but one phase stuck out.

"You failed as a Jedi!"

It was Anakin. Ahsoka knew that voice anywhere and hearing it so angry at her made her feel so worthless and devastated. So devastated that she felt as if she would...cry...

Suddenly Anakin's figure appeared out of thin air and formed together from smoky black soot. But humans were solid creatures and didn't behave like...ghosts. Ahsoka thought to her herself. The confusion of the situation was overpowering, but at least the voices were gone. That she was thankful for.

"Master?" Ahsoka spoke quietly. "What's happening?" She asked.

Anakin just looked her dead in the eyes. "You failed as a Jedi." He said. Ahsoka felt the voices return and they started swirling around her head.

"What- What do you mean?" She said franticly and a little louder from shock and also to drain away the voices in her head.

"Your men were killed and its all because of you. You were supposed to protect them but you failed and now the clones are dead."

Ahsoka shook her head in denial at Anakin's words. "No..." Was all she could say.

"You failed them. You were meant to protect them, but now, all of the clones are dead because of you. The whole 501st legion was killed because you didn't do your only job as a Jedi."

The whole 501st can't be dead?! Ahsoka's mind raced.

"What do you mean?" She pleaded for answers. "I couldn't of..."

Now she was staring down millions of Jedi all in the space of one room. Masters, knights, padawans and even younglings gazed at her with judging eyes.

"You failed as a Jedi." They all spoke in unison.

Ahsoka's eyes started to tear up. So many people were blaming her, shaming her and accusing her of failing, yet she didn't even know what was going on.

Soon they started saying it again and again, until Ahsoka finally broke and even started to believe she had failed and accepted whatever they were accusing her of doing.

"I'm sorry..." She whispered.

No one said anything

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No one said anything. Instead they looked upon her with disappointment.

I let everyone down. Ahsoka said in her mind.

A single tear rolled down her cheek and fell to the floor in a drop. The floor disappear from beneath her feet and she was left falling into the darkness. She didn't scream. She didn't fight. She just fell and let it happen. Too numb of emotion and thinking to do anything.

Before she knew it she was back in the dreadful Moraband temple standing upright, looking down on unconscious Anakin and Obi-Wan. She didn't react like she normally would. Instead she just sat on the ground, pulled her knees to her chest and stared blankly at Darth Banes tomb. Her mind was fried. She couldn't think about anything els but what she had just experienced. Still wondering if it was real or fake. Non existing or a dream. The past or the future. If she had really failed everyone by not protecting the 501st or if it was just an illusion.


Well that was Ahsoka's trial. How will that affect our three Jedi? What is to come? How will they get off Moraband? And what was happened to the people that had captured them?

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So here was Ahsoka's vision/trial/test, whatever you want to call it, and right now I'm gonna explain each one of the Jedi's trials. I was aiming to express their biggest fears. In Anakin's it was him killing Padmé, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan through the Force, but he wasn't controlling the Force. I thought his biggest fear would be hurting his loved ones and maybe even being afraid of his own power since he is abnormally powerful now. Obi-Wan's was about Anakin telling him he couldn't help the people how need help. So Obi-Wan's biggest fear would be unable to help people in need. I got the idea from the 'Escape from Kadavo' Clone Wars episode. And as for Ahsoka, I guessed she would be most afraid of failing her master (at this point in the Clone Wars, at least).

I also have a cover request book out, so if you need a cover for a book, read my 'Cover Request Book'. More information is inside that!

QOTD: "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." - Darth Maul | Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace

May the Force be with you


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